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  1. Dry as a bone. That's why I was scratching my head, it's like I'm the first person on the Internet to experience this, had no idea if it was failing or just annoying.
  2. Turns out it was the output shaft seal. $5 part.
  3. I have a squeak I've isolated to my driver side cv shaft where the shavft connects to the transmission. The squeak only occurs during low speeds of 7 mph or lower and it doesn't matter if the brake is pressed or not. The squeak occurs in both forward and reverse and only randomly is louder during slight left hand turn at low speed. Is this thing on its way out or is this just a nuisances. The shaft has no play and there are no other typical symptoms of failure. At speeds over 7 mph it's silent. Thank you.
  4. Hairdo12

    CS130 Wiring

    Thank you very much that is exactly what I needed.
  5. Hairdo12

    CS130 Wiring

    It's from my old 92 Lumina with a 3.1 .
  6. Hairdo12

    CS130 Wiring

    I have a CS130 alternator I'd like to connect to a 6hp motor for a remote location battery charger. I've searched around and I am having difficulties finding a definite answer to how the wiring needs to be setup. Obviously ground and positive are self explanatory; however do I only need to connect the L terminal through a 100 ohm resistor (or small light bulb) to the positive terminal to excite the alternator and leave the others disconnected?
  7. If the plugs are brand new, pull them out and inspect them. A brand new plug that isn't firing will look like it just has a light oil film on it. It will be clearly distinctive looking compared to a plug that is firing and can't be missed. Checking for a bad coil is easy: one at a time pull off the 1,3,5 spark plug wires at idle... If the idle changes coil works... No change, coils bad. computer scanning is worthless on an odb1 car for finding a mis fire. Odb1 offers literally zero information to diagnose the problem. My old lumina had a dead coil, ran on only 4 of 6 cylinders, ran like shit, dumped tons of unburied fuel into exhaust, caused the cat to glow red and the computer thought everything was just fine.
  8. I suggest you save your money for diapers, formula and a good car seat... and use your spare time to catch up on sleep. No time to post means less time to tinker. Car runs fine as is, if you must, get a Diablo tuner... It's the best bang for the buck. Also throw a catch can on there BC the ls4's pcv system and the DOD cause oil consumption. I lose a quart of oil every 2500 miles and some people lose a quart every 1000. Tuning out DOD is the only known fix.
  9. I have posted this reply to similar threads asking about this about a dozen times. The valve body has an internal leak. I have seen this many times where you decelerate and the transmission is basically in neutral until you rev, build up some pressure and it slams into gear. Only happens when using OD and does not do it in 3. A bottle of TransX can "fix" the problem. It works every time and takes about 15-20 miles of driving to fully stop this. My old 92 lumina started doing this 12 years ago. A bottle of TranX every three years when the problem returns and it's still going and no rebuild was required. I don't own the lumina any more but know it's still running with go4damo and he is aware and has used the TransX to solve the problem himself I beleive. I have recommended the TransX to bunch of people locally and it has worked on every car. Only mechanic in a bottle that I actually am amazed with.
  10. It's directly isolated to the exhaust pipe and nowhere else. My town, county and state are still using the same rock salt... There are three inch piles at every intersection white and grey.
  11. Here is an interesting one... I live in Buffalo and we got a foot of snow last night. I come back home and notice green water on the driveway. I was completely confused as I don't have any green fluids in my car. After further inspection, the water is dripping down off the exhaust pipe before the gas tank. There are no brake or gas lines near that spot and the colors don't match those fluids anyways. The only thing I could dig up is Cr2O3 which is chromium oxide which can form on stainless steels in furnaces that have poor intake sealing. Its the only thing plausible I can come up with. Apparently I'm the first person on the internet to experience this as google comes up empty. Anyone else have green water coming off their exhaust pipes?
  12. Front passenger leg compartment, pull back the carpet and look up under the dash. Two 5.5mm bolts hold it in. It's a pain to reach and up near the firewall. It's sometimes easier to remove the blower motor to gain access, but it's possible to reach with it still in.
  13. I wonder who the asswipe was would forget a coil pack bolt.... Or rather got lazy BC the ac line was in the way. What did they replace anyways? He'll I'll just txt ya.
  14. I used the gen 2 brace on my old lumina. It's just a brace and doesn't have the strut tower plates attached. Surprisingly there are two part numbers I recall. One was for just the "front" strut brace and another part number for the front and rear kit. The kicker is, both braces are exactly the same and the kit with two braces was cheaper than the kit with only one. Now note this was 2006 when I did this, price was $36.
  15. Don't expect aluminized steel to last one winter in Wisconsin, it's shit. Go to a junk yard and find the pipes on Grand Prix there. Stock pipes are 409 stainless steel and will outlast the entire car. I bought an entire cat back dual exhaust pipe set from a yard for $6. It pisses me off when dickheads at muffler shops talk people into new pipes because they are either too lazy to deal with the small pipe end when replacing a muffler or they just bull shit people into thinking the stainless is rotted out.
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