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  1. I apologize for not getting back to people sooner. I have been busy and haven't logged on here in awhile. If you want to get ahold of me quicker you can always text me at 716-982-1311
  2. Make me a offer on the bar. I can get you a shipping quote this week sometime. Louvers all have damage of some sort. Either small cracks or missing screw mounts. There is one good set I believe. With only one or two minor cracks and missing mounts. Let me know if you are still interested. Got 7 left. Ended up with a odd number because one had a large chunk of the lip missing so I gave it to my buddy for scrap. I am keeping four. If you are interested in the other two or three let me know. I have the tires removed from all of them. I could possibly meet you somewhere halfway.
  3. As I told you at Herbs house I don't have room to store this stuff for long. I already have the stuff that is going on my car or I am hanging onto picked out. The rest has gotta go! i have two X-laces sold, I will likely hang onto four. I'll see what the rest look like Unfortunately no. I had no way of getting them out of there on such short notice. Much less the room, time or desire to part out three cars. They were picked up for scrap today as far as I know. I have a dashpad for you car. Just have to pull it off the 92 parts car I have.
  4. The forum is not letting me upload pictures. So here is a link to all the pics I have so far
  5. ***UPDATE**** I just added a whole bunch of interior parts to the for sale list! Pictures in the following link of all the parts for sale: I just bought a huge lot of 1st gen Grand Prix parts. Mostly TGP stuff, interior, exterior, engine parts, 5speed parts etc. Long story short I bought all this from a older dude about a hour from me, his original post is a few posts down the page. He is in the process of moving out of state and everything was going to be junked if I didn't buy it. A few things will be going on my car, some I will save for future use. The rest is for sale. I will update this post as I go through stuff. Please let me know if you would like more detailed pictures on anything. Bigger stuff will be local pickup only. I am near Buffalo, NY. Willing to meet a buyer at a reasonable distance. Within 100 miles or so. Exterior: 8 TGP Crosslace wheels. Most are in good shape with no curb rash and good paint 1 pair of tail lights, some delamination 1 headlight 4 pair of TGP hood louvers. 2 red, 2 black. One pair of the black ones are rough. All will need repainted. Drip pans included if you want them A valence in decent shape. Drivers door kinda rough, decent trunklid. The hood may be going on my car. I also have a red 92 I will be parting out with some good exterior panels. I am keeping the plastics but will sell the rest. Engine: 3.1 block 3.1 heads Crankshaft Full set of pistons 2 Turbo Plenums 2 Intercoolers Misc. charge pipes and fittings TopGun 160 chip Intake Timing chain cover 2 complete PMIIIs and one spare accumulator Many radiator fans Non PMIII master cylinder 2 Intercoolers I assume the engine parts are all TGP specific stuff. But I have not looked them over enough to tell you 100%. I will confirm or deny if there is any real interest. Suspension: 8 new Strut cartridges New set of strut mounts Cutlass Vert FSTB 5 Speed stuff: Getrag 284. Was told it needs rebuilt, synchro issues. Clutch Both front axles Shift cable Slave cylinder Pedal bracket and box Clutch fluid reservoir Some other misc 5 speed parts Interior: Full 5 speed center console with DIC from a charcoal car. Would prefer to sell just the 5 speed bezel, but will sell the whole things if you want to come get it 2 Dashpads, one gray one tan. The nicer tan one is going in my car. Also willing to sell the dashpad with HUD from my 92 parts car. Full steering column 3 Driver Information centers Shift Knob Misc gray small trim pieces. Ashtrays, dome light/storage pocket, small piece of trim on door by seatbelt, rear coat hooks, trim by trunk release Window switches. 2 driver, 2 passenger Gray and tan vent pieces 2 tape deck radios. 1 3 piece 88-89 tape deck radio. Factory tuner. 2 steering wheel control pads 2 radio trim bezels. 1 88-89 1 90-93 3rd brake light and tan cover 3 Turbo badges in black HUD dimmer switch Keyless entry module with remote AQ9 Seat control for 4 door cars 2 PMIII computers Auto shift bezel with DIC and second gear start button Trim panel for 4 door with DIC (i think?) 2 headlight switches 90-93 2 wiper switches 90-93 1 90-93 cluster bezel with both switches I would like to move the bigger stuff asap as I don't have much room to keep it. Everything is best offer at the moment. I will be adding to this list as I still need to go through all the small stuff.
  6. I'm taking everything except the cars. Picking it all up this weekend. I simply dont have the time or space to transport, store and part out three non running/driving cars. They are all pretty far gone. The black car may be saveable. But at what cost? I am grabbing a few parts from them at least. Was good to meet you as well. Keep in touch and make sure to drop me a line when you get that TSTE finished!
  7. Do you still have this stuff or is it gone? I am south of Buffalo and I should be able to take everything.
  8. Just booked the room for me and Galen. Apparently the "cut off date" for the group rate was the 9th?? But I asked how much without the rate and it was still $74.99 At any rate she said she got us a room first floor on the back side. I'll see you all in a few days!
  9. That's gonna be a fun drive in the TGP with no A/C....
  10. Haha yup. I figure someone on one of those pages is looking for one of these. I had it sold but then the guy stopped responding and never sent the money. Now it's boxed up and in my way. Plus I could put the money towards some final stuff the TGP needs, like tires for the x-laces I got from you.
  11. I bought this PMIII brand new from Napa in 2008. Was one of only three left in all Napa warehouses. I assume it is simply a GM part in a Napa box. This unit has roughly 30-35k miles on it and has NO ISSUES. Comes with everything including the relay. This is likely the lowest mileage PMIII out there. It has always worked perfectly. It was working as it should when removed from the car last spring. My TGP was swapped over to vacuum brakes along with the 5 speed swap last year so I no longer have any need for this. I paid $1400 for it new. Looking for $800 obo. This thing is already packaged up and ready to ship!
  12. Lorain is only 3.5 hours from me, so yea I'm down for that. But I would be down for Toledo as well, or wherever really. I'm not very picky. Some place with a few large junkyards nearby would be ideal! The U-Pull it by me gets picked over very quickly. On a unrelated note I'm happy to see a few of you have adopted the "domestics" saying lol.
  13. October 2nd would work best for me. I am starting my vacation around then.
  14. Last weekend would probably work for me. Although I would likely not be there until Saturday evening.
  15. Maybe we need to figure out who will even be able to make it first. I know a lot of you need to request off work well in advance. I'll be at my cabin the 18-20 weekend so that's out for me. I could do the weekend before or after if it's in Erie for sure. Detroit would be a big maybe for me.
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