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  1. Gonna have to go ahead and sit that one out.
  2. Reservation made for a first floor room in the back
  3. I've never been to the place, but I've driven by it on 94 idk how many times....there will be plenty of space. Last year people had to park in the aisles and on the street.
  4. They usually park everybody by "class" if you will. They generally park all the 2nd gen Grand Prixs together, then the 3rd gen GPS, then 1st gens and other 3800 non w's in another.
  5. If you do I'll definitely take a couple. One for the TGP, and the one on the GTP is approaching a decade old and could stand to be replaced.
  6. I'll be going! TGP will definitely be going, I'd like to bring the GTP too if I find someone to go with me.
  7. I Def. plan on attending this time. Spoke to Rich last night aboot it. I plan on staying there in Canada Friday night at the very least....depending on if we all decide to stay out in the Michigan area Sat. night after the car show I May just drive out to Detroit from Kitchener separate and drive back home via US route on Sunday.
  8. I'll be getting there when I please. :-P Probably between 6-7pm ish I'd say depending on how many fuel stops will be required in the Jeep
  9. Looks like I'll be heading out in the Jeep with the 91 in tow.
  10. I'll be there. Not 100% sure yet if the GTP will be fixed....waiting on a place to find me silvermist parts from down south. More than likely the Jeep will make the trek. Also, If anyone is interested in the 91 I could always tow it out behind me to the meet.
  11. That's probably your best bet...Find a decent lower mileage complete Series 2 L67 motor and all the necessary components to do an OBD2 swap and do it that way if you really want to supercharge the car.
  12. I don't know about the earlier 3800's But on the Series 2 and 3 NA motors you need to use the Heads and Lower Intake & fuel Rails from a supercharged motor to do a top swap....along with change the crank pulley, add the necessary tensioners/idlers for the SC belt.... Not quite as easy as just "slapping" a blower on. If I had to take a wild guess I would assume the same applies for the Series 1 motors too. You'd probably have to find all the Series 1 Supercharged parts to make it work. Then tuning is a whole seprate issue.
  13. Went to turn on the AC today and wasn't getting any air out of the vents. Tried turning it off and back on again and still nothing, accept smoke starting to come out of the vents badly. Pulled over and shut the car off completely, got out and could still hear the blower motor trying to I tore off the bottom dash and unplugged it to get the car home. Got home and ripped the old blower motor's fairly seized up. Mike had an extra OEM blower motor out of an 01 or 02 Grand I tried plugging it in and as soon as i did the thing started spinning ful blast (mind you, HVAC dial was off and keys were not even in the car.) Blower motor resistor? or bigger issues maybe?
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