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  1. When I had the Olds, whenever I did rear brakes I just replaced the whole units buying pre-loaded calipers and pads from the parts store. This design just flat out sucks, simple as that.
  2. I happened to stumble across the GM part numbers for the weatherstripping. I thought I'd post them for you guys in case somebody can use them. (L) 1250-3936 ® 1250-3937 Hope all are doing well, I'm finding my way in the dating world now, a 53 YO dating rookie!!! So if any of you have hot single Moms 40 or older, let me know! LOL Andy-the former DOHCragtopguy
  3. The charging port is on the driver's side, you gotta take out the air filter box assembly to get to it, that's the way it was on my 93 Cutty Ragtop.
  4. The Brooklyn bridge comes with Al Sharpton as a traffic blocker, should you need to hold a BBQ within. :lol: :lol:
  5. Is this guy for real? I can't believe that somebody can be that.....that....gullible? This is the same guy that posted about the magic magnet gas saver........hey, I have a gallon of snake oil that will give you 57 MPG just added to your, too only $125......whaddya say?
  6. Ya know, there's a really nice bridge that I have I can sell you...........
  7. With friends like that you don't need any enemies........... The 3.8 is a good reliable engine like others have said.
  8. Well, since WD-40 is our main competitor, I have to try CRC Power Lube instead! I know where my bread is buttered!! Power Lube is better anyway (shameless commercial plug )
  9. On my 93, the trim is fading badly, here's some pics: Any quick solutions known?
  10. Thanks a lot, that's just what I was looking for!
  11. My sunvisors really look like shit and I would like to re-cover them, preferably with leather or genuine imitation leather. Has anybody actually done this before? I have a spare set that I picked up and was thinking about experimenting with them when I get time.
  12. Don't consider your engine exempt, I know of at least two 3.1s that spit out a plug, both times it was the center rear one, a real bitch to get to.
  13. Synthetic has better 'flow' characteristics than Dino oil. Therefore, if you had a small leak with Dino oil, it will become a Large leak with synthetic. All in all, synthetic is much better than Dino oil.
  14. This is exactly why my cd player has never been repaired. Plus I love my wheel controls. I'd switch the unit out for a newer Delco one if I knew for sure one would interchange with the wheel controls.
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