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  1. Z34 grille pwns all other Lumi grilles.
  2. My old Lumina's hood cable was broken when I bought it. The only way to open the hood was a wire that was rigged by the headlight. The first thing I did was replace the cable with a brand new one. It might be better to replace it before it really does fail. Just my 2 cents.
  3. wildbill

    Low Coolant Light?

    My light has been coming on too. I'll have to check the sensor.
  4. I don't like the scoop. I can't really tell if I like the spoiler or not. Do you have photos from a different angle?
  5. Do you have any access to 3DS Max or Inventor? Those programs are great in making sure the primaries are the same length. I have experiance with both of these programs so I could help you out in this aspect. Either way I would recommend using cardboard tube from tp, or paper towel tubes or even christmas paper tubes and cut them up and then you can visualize where the tubes need to be exactly. Its a cheap way before you start cutting up metal tube and welding.
  6. Do you have a ruler or a compass? The thickness on the letters is not consistent at all. Looks alot better than the first one.
  7. Take some pics and post em.
  8. GPs have the turn signal next to the side marker light. Mine is stock and they wigwag.
  9. I'm in Mpls if you need tools or anything.
  10. wildbill

    Intresting z34

    I think it looks good. Just needs some better looking wheels.
  11. I use Mobil 1 Filters and oil
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