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  1. Thanks anyway, have located the part that I needed. Kaye
  2. Broke the corner of the backup lens on the drivers side. Looking for the strip that goes across the back the contains both lens covers or just the lens if such an animal exists. Color doesn't matter. Many thanks Kaye
  3. Thank you oldmangrimes. Will start with the wanted section.
  4. Hey guys, like an idiot I allowed someone else to drive my 93 vert. They backed into my boat trailer and broke the backup lens cover. My question, can the lens be replaced or must the whole assembly be replaced? Any ideas what part number it is or where to get one? Thanks guys Kaye
  5. Yes, the console. Sorry, sometimes my knowledge of the technical terms is sadly lacking. LOL and I agree, total madness.
  6. Here's an update on this problem. When I developed a new problem with the car, (power seat not working) decided to break down and take the car to a GM dealership. Seat problem was a broken wire under the floor mat. Well it took 5 weeks and 1500 bucks but the light problem was due to wires in the dash that were pinched together. The interior dimmer switch also had to be replaced. Seems the dimmer switch wire and the interior light wire were pinched together somehow which caused the switch to go bad and bleed over to the interior lights and not allowing them to go off as they are supposed to. So now we know. The dealership was very glad I had the shop manuals. Thanks guys for all the suggestions even though my problem wasn't one that was addressed you were able to rule out things it could have been. I truly appreciate it. Kaye
  7. Okay, here's an update. The seat problem was a broken wire under the floor mat. Also the fourth fuse block I couldn't find, under the liner of the arm rest, who knew. Thanks again guys, I really do appreciate your help. There have been times you all have saved me a a lot of time and effort in this adventure with these cars.
  8. I've admitted defeat, have made appointment at a GM dealership to have them work it out. Thanks anyway. Kaye
  9. Actually, I don't think so. The illustration in the manual and the fuse block behind the glove box don't match up. Plus the listed fuses on that panel don't control the seat controls.
  10. I can find 3 of the fuse/breaker panels, 2 under the hood, 1 behind the glove box, can not find the 4th. The service manual states "RH side of IP". Just now removed the panel below the steering wheel, nothing.
  11. Thanks Galaxie500XL, I even went so far as to remove the radio to try and find this block, crawled up under the dash, just not finding the dagg gone thing.
  12. Okay, I see where the electronic control block is supposed to be located "RH side of IP" I'm guessing the " IP" means instrument panel, have looked and looked. Anyone have an idea just where it's located and how to get to it? Thanks again. Kaye
  13. Yes. Will try to check if the manual states which is the power door fuse. Thanks
  14. Thanks, I've done that, also checked the owners manual and the service manual. Nada, zip, nothing. Anyone else?
  15. Anyone know which fuse controls the drivers side power seat? Tried to adjust the seat yesterday and nothing, no sound of motor, no nothing. Also, does anyone know of a way to adjust them manually? Any ideas? Thanks. Kaye
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