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  1. Make sure you get progressive rate springs or shorter struts so you don't have any spring free play.
  2. Well then I suppose that would work as well. It just might be tricky to cut the ends straight. Are you currently swapping over to the gen 2 knuckles?
  3. Wouldn't you loose precious precious threads that way? Its only threaded at the end isn't it?
  4. I painted mine black some time ago but I remember cleaning them. They weren't so bad if you're the type to keep your car clean. Clean them off really good and spray some sort of wax or sealant on them. Even if your not washing your car just try to hose them down every now and again.
  5. That's an easy one. Just use Bonneville outer tie rod ends.
  6. If gas mileage and 0-60 times are important to you don't buy a w-body heh I don't know anything about the first one but if it's anything as rare as the lumina then buy whichever comes along first.
  7. I ain't buying it. There is no way 1 inch higher will clear the hood. And like somebody else said you would probably crack that tin foil excuse they call an egr tube. Plus the runners have got to be over a foot long per cylinder already. I think that's more than enough to help even the power band.
  8. gpchris

    Top speed?

    Would be fun but our cars are not built for it. An extended amount of time at those speeds would cause the trans to overheat. Plus I can only imagine how horrible the gas mileage would be heh
  9. Heh I've been there so many times. Shouldnt be too hard. First off what is the problem? Is it not getting spark/fuel or is it not getting a crank signal to send power to the starter? Here a couple ideas No spark? - This almost always has to do with the oil level sensor. If it is unplugged or the wiring got ripped it will not supply spark to the engine. Does not crank? - Step one would to to see if it is getting a signal from the interior of the car. You can check for the signal at the c100. If you are getting the signal from the interior then the PCM is refusing to send the signal through for some reason. In any case you can use a screwdriver to jump the power wire stud to the solenoid stud on the starter to crank it just to see if it will run.
  10. Heh good thing you have the skill and knowledge to engineer temp motor mounts that fast. Do you have any pics of the broken parts?
  11. Thats so true. I guess I'm gonna have to add some wires to make the fans functional. Oh well. Thanks for the help.
  12. Ahh that's why there was no rear o2 sensor plug in my harness. But why is the coolant fan signal also fed through that connector?
  13. WHT - Lrg wire goes directly to one of the 3 relays, fan or ign PNK - unknown DRK BLU - unknown BLK - to ground union PPL/WHT - unknown LGT BRN/WHT - to PCM pin 48
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