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  1. Sadly, no. I am still looking for someone that will take the job! If anyone has any recommendations around Atlanta, please let me know.
  2. Just the canvas. The top frame is still intact. I have all of the pieces and I have the VHS video from GM on how to troubleshoot. I wish I didnt take it apart orginally.
  3. I live in Marietta GA and I have a 1995 Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible. I removed the top myself and I tried taking it to Marietta Auto Trim for replacement and they wouldnt take the job because the top was already taken apart. Does anyone have a recommendation for a person that would replace my top without it being on the car first? Any help or info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi All, I have a red 1995 cutlass supreme permanent convertible that I am trying to determine if I should sell. I say permanent because when I bought it originally, the top was leaking and I removed all of the material. Bought the car in Oklahoma City in 2005. It has a little over 100K miles on her. I am keeping her for my son but I am considering selling so I can have my garage back. You can see the convertible next to my 1996 Cutlass Supreme on and search for cokehed1. Its been in my garage for a very long time. I uncover it and drive it around the neighborhood only because it is not registered anymore. Let me know what you think it is worth. If you can't see it on CarDomain, let me know. I will uncover and post pictures. Thanks for your time!
  5. Just checked gmpartsdirect and the price has gone up. For the left side, it is up to 51.41 and 48.55 for the right. Can anyone post the total length of the part? Can you get two pieces out of one part? I can buy two of the right side part to have a little cost savings and cut them and apply, right?
  6. When did this recall come out!
  7. This is really nice. Wish I had extra cash in the bank!|39%3A1|240%3A1308
  8. my assumption is that whenever any work like this is done that you have to readjust the throttle? Is this true? Let me know.
  9. Sorry, 1995 cutlass supreme convert. 3.4 L
  10. I removed and replaced the throttle body and upper intake for some work I was doing. Now that I got it back together, the RPMs are at 1500 but when I started they were at 6-700. Can anyone tell me the process to go through to reset the idle back to where it is supposed to be? Thanks.
  11. RP website says dont use it in a brand new engine. Wait until 2000 -3000 mile mark.
  12. OK. Do you guys want the update? It WAS Jeff at Engineered Performance. I assumed that he would be a reputable guy since I found him on this site. I finally got my car back and it is still having trouble. Jeff had tried to fix it but couldnt. I have given up on him. Can we make the Beware of Engineered Performance a sticky so everyone sees it first?
  13. How hard is it to change the motor mounts? I have a garage, floor jack, jack stands (4). I always thought I needed a metal brace that sits on the top of the motor to hold it up? True?
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