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  1. mfewtrail

    4T60E Shifting Issue: 95 Cutlass Supreme

    The converter will lock in 3rd even on OBD1 cars(4T60-E) around 40mph at light throttle cruising. If you have tunerpro, you can look at the parameters necessary for lockup to occur in either 3rd or 4th.
  2. mfewtrail

    TGP VIN database - website inside!

    I think you posted that one for me before since I had pictures of it from an insurance auction place with the pictures date stamped 2010.
  3. Not an issue, just a question: Is there a setting somewhere on my end where I can change the resolution of the board? I'm only on 1600x900 and it looks extremely small.
  4. mfewtrail

    Torque Converter Stall Explained!! About 3/4 down the page, it gives some information on how K factor is determined.
  5. These should work fine to compress your spring if you want to own a set: You can't really make these any cheaper than that price. Normally they're around $50ish. They're safer than those cheap ones that just hook part of the coil. Lube the threads if you're going to use an impact wrench. Besides those, there's also a style that uses safety pins that. I believe the Lisle set is currently cheaper though.
  6. mfewtrail


    What kind of part was that Jesse? I'm not seeing that on their warranty page except on backup cameras...but maybe they haven't updated their site yet.
  7. mfewtrail

    What are some of the best belts to eliminate most belt noise?

    A bar of soap is another temporary belt-quietening option that everyone has around the house. Carefully run the dry bar of soap against the belt while running. I use it sometimes to determine whether the backside or ribbed side is making the noise. In some cases where clearance is at a premium, you'll want to use the soap on an engine that is OFF. As a bonus, it makes the engine bay smell nice, lol.
  8. mfewtrail

    What are some of the best belts to eliminate most belt noise?

    Any of the name brand ones would be fine. Gates, Dayco, Continental, Goodyear, or Bando. If the old belt is in good shape, I would run it by the way. You don't have much to lose if it makes noise since our belts are extremely and quick to replace. I would suggest shopping online to save some money. Figure out what part # you need, then search it at various vendors...
  9. mfewtrail

    TGP Moving Sale

    I used to have a relative that lived there some years ago. Nice mountain views around that area.
  10. mfewtrail

    OEM wheel stud length?

    41.5'' on the 1994 OEM wheel studs I just measured for what it's worth.
  11. mfewtrail

    Belt tensioner is loose and stripped the bolt over tighten it

    If you stripped the threads where the tensioner mounts to the engine, then you're going to have to drill out that hole and place an insert in it to fix it.
  12. mfewtrail

    TGP Moving Sale

    TN? Also: Is that accumulator with the yellow cap on it a new OEM one?
  13. mfewtrail

    LQ1/LX9/LZ9 compare.. LQ1 stroker?

    This might be of some interest to you: There are likely more threads than that over there on this subject. Personally, I would go with forced induction instead.
  14. Are the tires actually to blame or the owners at least partially at fault? Hardly anyone keeps a tire properly inflated and you're going to find out real quick if you're riding around on a low one when you're hauling a heavy trailer or driving a RV.
  15. mfewtrail

    might as well start an 06 topic

    I don't think it's worth cleaning a plastic/aluminum radiator unless you already have the proper tools and setup to do it. Radiators can be found pretty cheap these days compared to say 10+ years ago. I recall paying $208 for a radiator for the '93 SE back in '02 and I saved nearly a hundred over what other part stores wanted at that time. Still on that same radiator all these years later. Currently, you can get what is probably the exact same radiator for about $50-60. I just ordered one for $49 shipped for the Regal - same brand the part stores carry.