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  1. mfewtrail

    1990 'McLaren Grand Prix' review

    Here's another recent one...
  2. mfewtrail

    LED conversion

    Replying to let you know I edited my post above(not sure we receive reply notifications for edited posts). Going back through old posts on the site, it appears others with 95's have had the 16 pin style connector as well. I however did not see anyone posting about having both connectors though which leads me to believe that was added by someone. I'm not sure what to tell you about that OTC scan tool now unless the OBD-II adapter cables will work for it. I have an OBD-II adapter cable for my OTC tool, but I don't know it it came with my ABS reader or my "mind reader" powertrain scan tool. The cable adapter has a port where it looks like it would take jumper keys or something similar to the ones older snap-on tools used. I didn't receive any keys with it and it's hard to find any documentation online for these old ass tools.
  3. mfewtrail

    LED conversion

    It doesn't make a difference to that OTC tool I linked to. It will read 94-95 w-bodies and pre-94 with the same cable adapter. edit: I read over this quickly Saturday and somehow missed the part about both data connectors. I probably just assumed you didn't know if a OBD-1 scan tool would work on a 94-95 because people like to call them "obd 1.5." I said they would read either with the same cable because "1.5" w-bodies should have the 12 pin connector standard. I don't recall ever seeing a 16 pin connector in a 95. Maybe your car is a transitional period 95 or either someone added it like Imp558 suggested. Are you certain you have a 1995? What's the build date on the car?
  4. mfewtrail

    LED conversion

    Keep an eye out on ebay for an OTC ABS Reader - part # 3757 or 3758. Both include the scan tool, just one part number denotes that the tool comes with a case if I recall correctly. That one doesn't appear to have any cable adapters, so you'll need OTC # 212633 gm adapter - about $10 shipped on ebay. All together, you could have the tool for half of what GM wants to scan it.
  5. mfewtrail

    LED conversion

    If your CHMSL brake lamps actually light-up, you shouldn't have the same issue I did.
  6. mfewtrail

    Unusual Knock from my Cutlass

    How long have you had the car and was any work done prior to the knock? I know it's fixed already, I'm just curious though...
  7. mfewtrail

    Good replacement pillar door handles?

    What you can do to extend the life of any of them is only use the handle to unlatch the door, then grab the door elsewhere to pull it open. I normally grab the top of the door frame at the top corner to pull the door open. If you only use the handle like I've seen plenty of people do to fully open the door, then you're going to eventually break them no matter if it's a factory handle or an aftermarket replacement. Let your passengers know how to open the door properly as well!
  8. mfewtrail

    3.4L DOHC Dies on the Highway

    I realize it's in open loop since it's a cold start, I was just stating the rpm for an airflow vs. rpm comparison. Scott, check this out for fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump testing: Let us know the results of your maf testing as well. I would suggest not replacing any parts until you have tested them and their wiring, otherwise you're just wasting money on stuff that might not solve your issue.
  9. mfewtrail

    3.4L DOHC Dies on the Highway

    That was my initial thought as well, but those flow readings still aren't quite right(even if reported in mg) for the rpm the engine is running unless there's a restriction. The engine is idling pretty consistently around 1100rpms so the flow rate should be around 8 grams/second at that engine speed, but instead we see 3082, 3071, then 887 despite not much change in rpm over those three frames of data.
  10. mfewtrail

    3.4L DOHC Dies on the Highway

    The MAF reading appears to report actual airflow in closed or open loop on the '94 I have here. That said, his MAF reading is way OFF if there's not some sort of scan tool calculation or translation error going on. Injector pulse width is high as well, particularly that third frame showing it at 64ms. How low was your battery voltage out of curiosity? Despite the scan tool readings, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make sure you have adequate fuel delivery as well(parts stores will rent you a gauge if you don't have access to one. You get your money back upon returning it.)....And maybe re-do your spark test depending on how you tested for spark.
  11. mfewtrail

    LED conversion

    I've had an abs code with the factory bulbs before because they were making poor contact due to the sun expanding the connector cavity on the CHMSL. Once I fixed that, no more abs light/fault.
  12. I don't have one off-car, but measured real quick on-car and bolt head center to bolt head center was 4''. Hopefully someone with one off car can confirm that measurement for you.
  13. The MT2500 is worth keeping imo. It will scan everything on OBD1 and if you have the right cartridges, it can provide coverage up to 08 model years for OBD2.
  14. Here's another standalone tool option if you can't track down the Snap-On adapter:!30535!US!-1 There's another OTC 3757 on ebay but it does not appear to have any connectors with it other than the 12v adapter and the half of the cable that goes from the tool to the connector adapters: edit: GM OBD1 cable for the tool above: and a set of multiple cables for cheap, but the ends look kinda cruddy on those...!30535!US!-1
  15. mfewtrail

    Intake plenum cleaning

    Just clean the throttle body + egr passage, and call it a day. You're not going to make any noticeable improvement in anything from removing the carbon buildup inside the plenum.