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  1. That's correct.
  2. Is the strut housing rusted through where the spring seat sits or is it just the spring seat? The seats are replaceable. If it is the strut body that you're needing, you're probably going to have to visit a junkyard to grab one, buy one from someone here, or have someone here visit a jy to grab you one.
  3. mfewtrail

    Another red 90 TGP

    Low miles on that one. Like you, I would assume the brakes were the reason it was parked. If you're brake swapping it, take a few pictures for us or at least type up a parts list. If you get a chance, please snap a picture of how you routed the ps lines on the car you've already swapped.
  4. mfewtrail

    WANTED: White "STE Turbo" Nameplate

    Maybe post this to the facebook TGP group to get more eyes on it(sorry, I don't have a link for you, but someone else here should be able to link you. I don't use FB, but know there's a group on there since others have posted about it). Oddly enough there are two "new" TSTE badges on ebay currently, but unfortunately, they are in the much more rare Garnett red color.
  5. mfewtrail

    Hole in valve cover?

    Almost guaranteed that's what happened. I'm surprised the bolt bored through as clean as it did without breaking a large chunk out of the cover.
  6. mfewtrail

    Recommended water pump?

    Probably can't go wrong with any cast impellar pump from a parts store. Opt for the "new" pump. There might still be stores that carry USA made ones. Autozone used to...but it's been a long time since I've installed a 2.8/3.1/3.4 pump so those could have gone the way of the dinosaur. I guess you could look up old cross reference numbers and potentially find a usa made unit on ebay. Maybe email that seller and see if that pump is USA made -get them to snap a picture of the country of origin on the box. This is the same part number as my really old usa made pump and might be a rebrand of it. If it is made in the US, that's a good price.
  7. mfewtrail

    Replacing a shift boot.

    There are always compromises or extra work involved in universal parts in my experience. Was anything wrong with the original boot or did you just want a color change? Easiest way to ensure a good fit and easy installation would be to have an interior or upholstery place duplicate the factory boot in the color and style of your choice. Of course that isn't the cheapest option. Second best would be to source a good condition boot from another one of these cars if your boot was tore and you just wanted a direct replacement in the same color.
  8. mfewtrail

    Trunk leaks

    ^This. The studs on the taillights have sorta rubber washers on them and they disintegrate with age. . When they're bad enough, you can end up with a spare tire well that accumulates a lot of water.
  9. mfewtrail

    1A Auto parts?

    I would opt to get wheel bearings elsewhere from an actual known brand personally. You can get Moog, Timken, or SKF from Rockauto for around $50ish each. They currently have some Moog's that are on closeout from some location for $36.XX a piece with a 30 day warranty. Even though Moog has went to offshore manufacturing years ago, the wheel bearings still seem to be solid quality from what I've seen so far. I have one on a personal vehicle that's been right around 30,000 miles in the last two years for what it's worth. If your bearings aren't actually bad, I woudn't be changing them just to change them. It's not uncommon for wheel bearings to outlive the car on 1st Gens. Between two w-bodies with about 500,000 miles combined, I've only had to swap out one of the original wheel bearings so far.
  10. mfewtrail

    Buffed and Polished the Regal

    If I were you, I would have left that roof alone since the clear coat is thinning/failed on it and polishing it will only accelerate failure. Have you ever used anything other than the Jescar to compare it to? I haven't really kept up with any detailing sites lately, but don't remember hearing all that much about those when I did. I just searched and found a review of the Jescar that I recall reading before. It looks like they have some pretty solid products in their lineup. I currently have a lot of 3D HD stuff which I absolutely love. HD Polish is probably my favorite polish I've ever used. It finishes really well, wipes off super easy, and never seems to dry up so you can work it forever.
  11. mfewtrail

    3.6 LFX Oil Catch Can installation

    Hopefully that milky mess is a result of condensation and not a coolant leak.
  12. mfewtrail

    ALDL Data Line ECM / ABS

    A PM3 datastream definition file can be found here: Here's an old post from another forum about that definition file for what it's worth. " However, for the ABS computer I'm lacking a point at which I can start, so some minimal information about mode 4 is needed. The document that I used to read the ABS (A156AM.txt) only contains the specification of the mode 1 protocol of the ABS. "
  13. mfewtrail

    Weird electronic event

    My '93 GP and the '94 Regal have it for sure. Not sure about the TGP's as I've never left the signal on to check. I quickly flipped through a 1990 owner's manual and don't see anything about it in those. I still have the '01 GTP owner's manual and it says it has this feature on page "2-48" and that you'll get a chime if the signal is left on for more than 3/4 of a mile.
  14. Compare them to these:,1990,grand+prix,3.1l+189cid+v6+turbocharged,1255621,electrical-connector,abs+wheel+speed+sensor+connector,762 edit: Copy and paste the link if it doesn't work.
  15. mfewtrail

    Weird electronic event

    Pretty sure all w-bodies have the signal warning chime.