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  1. Damn! This thread make me sad. May as well just scavenge the Camaro for parts for all the work it will take. I like those buckets, anyway.
  2. "Only in America with Larry The Cable Guy Dan Whitney" is the worst show ever. EVER.
  3. Yeah... None around here. Already looked. Very slim pickings around here, because locals basically run these cars into the ground. Then the college kids snap up whatever's left. That, and we have one junkyard in the area.
  4. My aim here is to replace as much of the '94 as possible with the '01. I abhor the interior of my car. The color sucks, but it's mostly the ergonomics. Sucks about the front buckets not working. If I could have picked one thing to swap, they would have been it. Any benefit in reaping parts from the '01 3100? IIRC, second-gen rims have backspacing issues on first-gens, don't they?
  5. Hell yes I want that console. Anything more than a 25 mph corner, and the Auto Zone floor-organizer goes flying. We have a write up for the shift conversion, or is it console-only?
  6. Got a line on a pretty beat up (mechanically) 2001 Grand Prix SE sedan. The girl says it's got 210,000 miles on it and she never takes care of it, so it would be pretty cheap. My '94 GP sedan, however, is in damn good shape (previous owner had it fully serviced every three months). Thing is, it's a base-special. Bench seat. Column shift. GREEN interior. FE1. That sort of thing. How much of the 2001 will work on the 1994? Can I use the second-gen's OBD2 harness to upgrade my OBD1.5 mess? Can I finally have front bucket seats? How about the rear sway bar? Brakes? Will ANYTHING fit?
  7. We've got more than one.
  8. You've pretty much nailed it. This is how I did my LQ1 plugs, and there's really nothing to it.
  9. True story: I once siliconed a Cadillac emblem to the hood of my PT Cruiser as a joke. It got a couple weird stares, but then I couldn't get the damn thing off! Funny thing is, the guy who bought it never noticed. He's sniffing trans fluid and kicking the tires, and never saw the badge.
  10. Changed the t-stat (pain in the ASS until I bothered removing the throttle body). Car runs at 210-220 and the heater blows hotter than I've ever felt in a GM car. Nice!
  11. There are a lot of closet w-body freaks around here, which is cool. When I worked at a quick lube during my forum sabbatical, I briefly worked with a kid who was completely apeshit about 9C1 Impalas. Had an encyclopedic knowledge that would make any of us ashamed. Another guy said he knew of a mint '93 GTP five-speed in a nearby town, and had been trying for years to get the guy to sell, because he had such a hard on for the LQ1. Lotta guys like us out there. It's just the cars that aren't holding up too well.
  12. Best-kept Ws I see around here are invariably '94-'96 Grand Prix SE coupes. I believe I own the only GP sedan with a fully-lit light bar.
  13. Appreciate the reply to such an obvious question, but with how damned cold it is outside, I didn't want to waste an extra minute tearing anything else apart unnecessarily. Thank you!
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