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  1. My car with the l67.... =) Jeff
  2. Ive got an l67 powered 92 z34 and I live in ormond beach, about 5 minutes from daytona. Jeff
  3. You will prolly need to remove the master cylinder to make room for the pull. That is if you keep the motor and tranny bolted together. If not you can prolly get just the motor out without messing with the brakes. If you leave the tranny in there you dont need to mess with the axels or anything either. just getting to all the bellhousing bolts can be a pain. One way or another its a pita. Jeff
  4. jeffz34

    I saw one...

    left hand drive
  5. jeffz34

    I saw one...

    Today I saw, touched, and worked on a 2003 Lumina SS, the Australian Holden edition. I was sweet, red with stock 17's. He had it imported and the thing is badass. I took couple of pix with my disposable camera that I will try to get developed soon. He also said he ran it at the track and pulled a 14.4 smoking the tires damn near the whole way down the track, I guess thats why we put on Nitto drag radials. BTW I work at Discount Tire in Ormond Beach, Florida. I was a very cool car, my boss wants one realy bad now. Hehe I loved the badge on the side right behind the front fender "Hight output 5.7". Jeff
  6. I do that, Ill be walking through a parking lot and Ill just remark "poor bastard" or something and my friends will say "what?" and Im looking at a riced out z34 or a ghetto cutlass. Whats even funnier is that I have started to rub off on my friends and sometime they remark about w-bodys before I get the chance...hehe and they are truck guys. lol
  7. Take a rotten fish and hide it in his wheel hubcap, or somewhere in the fener or under the body somewhere...It will stink like hell and he won't know why.
  8. All I can say is go with the online store if you don't car about service, If you go there you wont get an actual store to back up your product. I work at Discount tire, and with the purchase of tires you get Liftime balancing, rotations flat repairs, air checks and you can buy free replacement certificates (which I highly recomend) that will cover the replacement cost of any tire that still has tread that can't be repaired or has been damaged, ie: hole in the sidewall. The certificates will run you about 10% of the price of the tire. Discount Tire will also match any competing tire store price. So I would recomend to shop around and then buy your stuff from Discount Tire. Furthermore, if you do buy them online and save a few bucks the difference will be nominal and you won't get the services that I described above. Sorry if this sounds like a comercial but Im a tire tech at Discount Tire and I have had nothing but good experiences with the people that work there. Everyone there actually cares about the customers and I hope you at least talk to someone from a local Discount Tire, if there is one in your area. If anyone has delt with a Discount Tire store in there area I would be interested to hear about it. In my area the stores are very proffesional. Jeff
  9. jeffz34


    well If you want ill sell ya my 4t60e out of my 92 z34, its got 90000 miles on it and still shifts good. $300 obo If you dont know, Im doin an l67 swap, therefore im parting out my motor and tranny. PM me if you are interested. Jeff
  10. jeffz34

    Lug Nuts

    12-1.50 Lugs, and Gorilla makes some good lug nuts...they're heat treated and hardened so they will last. We use those at work (Discount Tire).
  11. I drove my car hard as hell then a blew the head gasket. =( When I get the L67 in there it will be back to driving like mad. =)
  12. I love listening to music in my car I guess thats why I put so much money in my stereo system. I listen too: The Starting Line Piebald Motion City Soundtrack Modest Mouse Underoath Fairweather Finch Horse the Band Midtown Poison the Well River City High Rufio Rooney RX Bandits Saves The Day Taking Back Sunday The Devil is Electric The Get Up Kids Thursday Yellowcard.... And thats just a few...I have an extensive cd collection thanks to the internet a cable modem and a burner I also have nearly 1200 Mp3's. =)
  13. jeffz34

    How Rare is this??

    Poor bastard sure is dirty. :?
  14. jeffz34

    Cup holders

    I've been toying with the idea of puttin a hole in the console right in front of the shifter and dropping in a single cup holder. But havent found a suitable cupholder to drop in there. Maybe I'll play with it tomarow.
  15. Yeah, I just got a new modulator from autozone, 10 bux. It is adjustable but the instuctions say dont go past four turns. I turned it five times and its fine. But how far can u adjust it without breaking the damn thing.
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