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  1. Yes, update. The local buyer did come through, so the car is sold. I do apologize for not posting more updates about this. Between coordinating this and working through a work relocation process to a new home, it's been super crazy busy over here. (super short form: work transfer for us to Seattle) So I wasn't ignoring you, and I apologize if that's what you may have thought after a while. I was in a holding pattern while the buyer arranged financing, and then we had to go out of town for a brief business trip besides. So I didn't want to string you along with a bunch of "no update" updates either. Still, thanks for your patience there. I appreciate it.
  2. The door came off of a dark red Lumina, so it's not a paint match. However, I will be swapping the interior panel over, so at least the interior will match. I'll also be saving the red Euro trim molding from my door, so that it can be reapplied if/when the replacement door is painted by the new owner. (note: I'll be providing the buyer with the exact GM paint code used when the car was repainted, so if they have it professionally done, they know what paint to ask for) PS: I should also note that the asking price for the car will be going up just a bit to compensate for the repair work being performed here. The price will NOT go above the original posted price of $1000 obo though. No price gouging here! I'm just trying to cover the additional expenses and such. Once the repairs are complete I'll update the price on here. <---just wanted to say that up front so there's no surprises later
  3. Oh gosh, I'm sorry for the delayed reply! I was AFK most of the weekend, so didn't check in too much. My apologies! To answer your questions: 1. As stated in the ad, the only mechanical-related issues are: AC is running hot (compressor tests good and blows cold when charged up. Leak is likely in a line) Small oil and trans leak (I've narrowed these down to a front valve cover gasket and the trans pan gasket. Both leaks are minor and fluid has never run low) 2. Can the car make it back to Wisconsin? I'd say yes! If you charge up the AC, it will blow cold. It just won't hold the charge forever like it should. I usually used it around town, but again, the oil/trans leak never left me low on fluid and I never had to top it off in between changes. I might not drive it down the freeway as fast as I would my Charger, but I'd gladly get on the road with it. UPDATE I currently have a local buyer potentially lined up, pending item #2 below This local buyer has agreed to pay a bit more in exchange for me fixing it enough to pass a safety test. That'd be a replacement door and a windshield. A good rust free door was pulled from a junkyard last weekend and will be installed in a few days (no paint though). A new windshield is due for install this Thursday too IF this local buyer backs out though, you'll be the first to know!
  4. Suppose I wanted to replace a door (rear passenger) on a 1st gen Lumina sedan. Anyone done this before? How much effort needs to go into it? (I recall that swapping the interior panel to the panel from my old door isn't hard; what I don't know is how to hang the door itself)
  5. That may be true. But if it helps someone get to/from work and makes their life easier, that's okay too. That's still far better than selling it to the mechanic who damaged it just so he can flip it and profit from his mistake. /of course, if it went home with you, I'm sure that'd be even better treatment for the car. //just sayin'
  6. True. The door itself isn't the issue, rather the missing glass. The door can be dented to all hell and still pass, but with the glass broken out, that'll fail. (at least according to my reading of the MO safety rules anyway, but if I'm wrong I'm wrong) Honestly, whichever person you think could use it the most, let me know. Sure I could sell it to anyone willing to pay, but I want to make sure it benefits the next owner too.
  7. Thanks! Only thing I worry about (esp. regarding person #1) is that the car can't pass a new safety inspection in its current state. All it needs is a door and a windshield to do so, but I don't want to put someone on a tight budget in a bind if they can't get the car legally tagged again. Would hate to see them get tagged by the (corrupted AF) local cops while she tries to get it fixed.
  8. Bumpity bump. Anyone interested? Price is negotiable, so make an offer. :) I'd really like to see this car go to a decent home instead of the scrapper.
  9. UPDATE: SOLD For the full backstory on this, see this thread first. Then continue reading. Current status: I decided to run this through the mechanic's insurance company, since we were unable to come to a satisfactory agreement ourselves. The insurance company took over and today made a valuation offer on the vehicle that is agreeable. Missouri law allows me to buy the vehicle back without need for a salvage title. However, I am not in a position to have the time or resources to fully restore the car, and longterm plans that are quickly converging for my wife and I make it very unlikely that we'll be able to keep three cars around going forward SO, before resorting to disposal, I'd like to offer the vehicle to a group of good folks who I know care for these W-bodys a lot - all of you. FOR SALE (really) 1990 Chevy Lumina (Euro 3.1 sedan) 76,850 original miles 3-speed automatic Blue interior (base trim level) NO ABS Manual doors/windows Upgrades/major work New paint in 2010, professionally applied. Car was hand-sanded and minor body work done to some small dings. GM factory paint code was used for re-paint. Added Euro-spec spoiler Swapped to 16" OEM wheels with black pockets and red bowtie center caps. Tires upgraded to larger size to match UB3 (non-digital) cluster upgrade Added optional center armrest with cupholder Newer, non-curled dash pad (have on-hand, never installed) FFP dogbones FFP UD pulley (have on hand, never installed) OEM Front STB AWeb80 rear STB Flowmaster DeltaFlow 50 muffler (2012 or so) Hardwired foglights Transmission replaced in 2003 (car had ~33K miles at that time) New steering rack in 2014(ish) AC converted to new refrigerant, new (reman) compressor installed a few years back Added Pioneer CD player and speakers. Also small amp/sub combo too New rear bushings to fix sag Black undercoating to prevent rust (2005) New injectors and coil packs (2010 or so, iirc) Stainless steel brake lines Window tint professionally installed (35% tint level) Clean MO title; just passed inspections in last 90 days Full details and pictures can be seen in the attached Powerpoint file. If you can't open the file, let me know and I'll post a long list of pics instead. Damage list from incident (see thread linked at top of this post for details+damage pics) Pass. door rear: door frame bent from impact of lift arm, glass broken out. Roof rail/structure and B-pillar are unharmed Pass. side C-pillar: crease in the metal, but paint did not break Roof: Three moderate dents, spacing matches the tires of the car that was above it. No protrusions into the headliner space. Some scuffs/scratches as well Windshield: Cracked from top-bottom, likely from weight impact of tire from car above it. (a tire's point of impact was right behind the windshield molding). Body shop confirms no apparent damage to underlying frame work or to roof rail lines Hood: Small dent on pass. side, just in front of windshield wipers Driver side rear door: Scratch in glass. Door unharmed Driver side front door: Door handle non-functional. Impact must have jarred the rod loose inside the door Other Known Issues AC running hot (refrigerant leak, likely from a line. Compressor tests fine when it has enough charge to kick in) Small oil leak (looks to be front valve cover gasket; oil has never run low) Small trans leak (looks to be pan gasket; trans fluid has never gone low) Carpet in driver's footwell has peeled back from corner, seems like it's breaking down on the backside. (more an appearance thing, but noted anyway) Tach does not function (wire's good, so prob. just a bad gauge. Never got around to swapping it out of the cluster) Misc From a minimalist POV, the only damage that one would HAVE to fix is the door, as it's busted and missing glass, and the windshield, as it likely wouldn't pass safety as-is. Everything else listed makes it look bruised, but doesn't affect it running and driving Car comes with original factory floormats, GM service manual, a spare dashpad, new underhood headlight cover plates (those plastic thingies that fold up), original armrest as a spare, FFP pulley, and as much service documentation as you can shake a stick at Car has never been smoked in. No pets either Powerpoint file is attached below PRICE Given the damage to the vehicle, I'm offering the vehicle AS-IS for $500 obo -- CASH ONLY Car is located in St. Louis, MO (metro area) Car is driveable, so you could drive it home if you wanted. Or trailer if you prefer (NOTE: If buyer is also in MO, car will have to be towed, as it can't pass safety inspection as-is) License plates will NOT be provided If interested, PM me or reply here. I'm hoping to move this vehicle in the next month or so, so this seller is motivated. I hate to see the car go, but I'd rather see it go to folks who love and appreciate these cars the right way. Thanks! GMJ Lumina_Information.pptx
  10. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'm drawing a blank here. What's the width of the OEM 16" wheels for a 1G Lumina? (I thought it was 16x9, but I could be wrong)
  11. Way late to this thread, but my suggestion: Get a bucket of warm water, a fine bristle shoe brush (new obviously), and one bottle each of Lexol leather cleaner and Lexol leather conditioner. 1. Dip the brush a bit in the water, then spray with the leather cleaner 2. Work cleaner into the seats, going with the grain if possible 3. Wipe seats down with a microfiber, and allow to dry 4. Apply leather conditioner with a small applicator pad (like you might use for dash dressing) 5. Wait for seats to absorb the conditioner. Repeat #4 if needed
  12. This post is relevant to my interests, as I'm looking at new suspension parts for my 1G Lumina too. I'm pretty sure that Energy suspension has poly bushings for both lateral links and trailing arms. What causes them to not work as well in the trailing arms? And, I did not realize that GXP trailing arms would work too. They literally bolted right in?
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