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  1. yes but remember that the ride quality will be softer compared to the front . Also I bet Impala SS rear strut assemblies would also work
  2. when I installed the KYB shocks on the rear of my GXP the spring from the bilsteins seemed way to strong for the shock which resulted in the rear of my car bouncing a little. If anything id get a whole set of GTP rear shock assemblies. They did clear my 18" wheels
  3. There is a switch on your center console just up from your shifter handle.
  4. I actually never even thought about doing that. Thanks for the idea. Oh and glovebox has the combination lock thing.
  5. I lost my keys for my 93 Grand prix and am now in the process of getting locks for both doors and trunk with keys but no local yards near me have any 88-96 coupes. if anyone could get a complete set id appreciate it.
  6. It very well could be. ill have to look at the convertible top diagram to make sure.
  7. Are the top straps in good condition on the top frame?
  8. The top straps that run from the c pillar to the front of my convertible have turned into dust and I cant find them on any site, so if anyone has or can get them I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. I would love to get those seats for my 93 vert. i only saw those aq9 seats once and they were in a sedan .
  10. Id just pull the hose and you should hear rushing air. Do this when you turn the car off because there should be enough vacuum in the ball to hear it. If you do then its prob. An actuator/control problem
  11. Id start by Checking for broken or cracked vacuum lines in your engine bay.I had to replace a few sections near the vacuum ball on the drivers side of my cutlass to get my actuator to function properly.
  12. Drummer

    5 speed swap

    I know when I was replacing my passengers side axle on my 284 I was able to swap the whole 4t60e drivers side axle over no problem. Not sure if the 282 is the same though.
  13. Im trying to convert my sedan seats to coupe seats and cant figure out how to take the seat apart? Mainly the plastic seat back and bottom surround plastic pieces. I see that theres clips where the seat reclines but not sure what all else is involved. I looked to see if there was a writeup on how to but cant find anything.
  14. Im pretty sure its from a late 80s bonneville
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