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  1. Perfect! I actually encountered a snag in the trans swap. My current trans will build pressure and engage at higher rpm. after the car is moving it seems to function as required without slipping, shutter or lurch. The oil is not yet scorched so it is on the rack Monday at a new repair shop who are going to rediagnose, drop the pan and check electrical and pump pressure. It looks like my small town wrench may have got it wrong.
  2. Steve~ Thanks for that information! Here is the donor trans ans it does indeed have a vacuum modulator so it would indeed be a 4T60E. ANy other issues I need to watch out for?
  3. Oh, sorry about that. I need the transmission, however I have located a complete engine cradle with the engine and transmission in place. Everywhere I've read calls out only 1996-1997 as compatible, however if the only issue is a different stall speed or maybe a different gear ratio, I can make that work....What would be the major difference between a 1998 Monte Carlo and a 1996 Lumina? It appear that it could be a 4T60E or a 4T65E-M15 in a 1998 Monte Carlo but only a 4T60E in a 1996 Lumina. Both would have the 245mm converter. What other trouble might I run into? I don't have access to the harness from the Monte.
  4. I have a 1996 Lumina 3.1L that has suffered a pump failure leading to a torque converter failure in my transmission. I have located a 3.1L out of a 1998 Monte Carlo with 90K on it that is claimed to be in good condition. I was curious what differences I can expect to encounter and wondering if the swap will work. I'll gladly supply any additional info required to get answers. Thanks! Nate
  5. Purchased this car about 4 months ago. Trying to work the old car blues out of it. So far it has cursed me with a wheel bearing, a fuel pump and now the trans. Looking for advice!
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