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  1. Thanks so much. I'll investigate.
  2. Hey MemphsMan, just wanted to say "hey" and follow up on a fellow members suggestion. I'm searching for a way to lower my '93 Z34 2-3" and Jiggity76 said seek out your advice. I've searched and searched and have found nothing that addresses and/or applies to my car. If you have any suggestions or guidance it would forever appreciated.

    Thanks dude.  ptcz34 

    1. MemphisMan


      Hi ptcz34. I used the same method to lower both my 95 CS vert and my 91 CS coupe. It should work for your 93 Lumina. Here are the links that I posted:

      For the last link, the lowering starts on page 7. It covers front and back with a detailed parts list and video for the rear. I hope this helps man.

  3. Cool. Thanks for the lightning response. Was not expecting that, I'll reach out.
  4. New to this forum. Have a '93 Z34 in desperate need of lowering 2-3". I can find nothing online or anywhere else that addresses, produces, recommends, or has any suggestions for accomplishing this. Does anyone out there have any leads and/or suggestions on where to turn. I love this car. I'm in the process of resurrecting it from the dead, (it's been sadly neglected for a while). I'm also thinking it needs more grunt, (chip or some such). Again, any leads are much appreciated. These cars and their cousins are awesome but sadly unloved and deserve better. Different is good!
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