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  1. My mother has been in hospital since friday i haven't had the chance to record sound yet but im hoping to by Thursday at the latest. Thanks everyone
  2. I looked for a and couldnt find anything or anything on here about a nbody section. Do you know where I could find?Thank you
  3. The oil has around 500 miles on since the last change and it looks like new oil. No moisture under oil cap. No coolant has made its way into the oil. I will make a video of the noise tonight or tomorrow sometime. Thanks
  4. Hello I'm a new member here... I bought the car a year and half ago from original owner. Her son was a GM mechanic and had a binder of every service from 1994. When i bought it I changed all the fluids and filters, plugs and wires. It ran like a new car. So quiet i couldn't here it at idle in the car. I drove the car to work and it drove great, drove it home and the same. I start it the next morning and the motor was clattering loudly so I shut it off. The oil is full, the coolant was low about 2 cups. It didn't over heat or even get hot. What could have gone wrong over night? Its crazy it drove perfect to my house and super quiet, and the next morning its chattering. I ran it for maybe 3 seconds and shut it down. I poured seafoam in oil and started it and the same, waited till the next day to let it do its thing and start it, same noise so I shut it down fast. Should I let it run and hope it was a clogged lifter? I just dont want to ruin a low miles taken care of motor. Thanks for any help
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