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  1. Thank you for the diagram. I tapped into the tach on the dash instead of drilling through the firewall and that worked. White wire. I could not get the damn cluster out however. omg - who designed that setup?!?! is there some weird trick? Do you have to lower the damn steering column? anyhow. I got it all working and put a resistor for the VATs and everything starts fine now.... Of course with one exception... the !@#$!$% heat/ac do not work. I'm assuming the tapped into the wrong accessory line. Do these cars have 1 ignition and 2 accessories? Also, what is the favored book of the forum for these cars? Edit: Digging further I see there are two accessories. Orange and Purple with a white stripe. Apparently the Purple/White is the climate control. Does anyone know if I should just move the started 12v out from the orange to the Purple/White? I dont really care if the stereo starts or not or do I need a relay from orange to purple/white? Thanks!
  2. I don't have the manual. I any suggestions on the best one for this car? I have read the forums that there is a white wire (or purple) going to to the cluster that is tach but I was hoping to tap it lower and to not have to go outside the firewall.
  3. I rebuilt my antenna. the plastic cable broke in the the middle, you could hear the motor was working however. So I just bought I had to open up part of the assembly to get the rest of the old cord out. they kinda use a plastic seal like rivets on that part... I popped off the 4 corners, fixed it all and then used a soldering iron to melt the four plastic rivets down to hold the case again. But yeah, wheres the darn tach wire so I can hook up my auto starter?!?! lol
  4. So does anyone know where I can tap the tach signal on the 95 csc?
  5. Naah, I'm loving the car... always wanted one and was lucky enough to get one with such low miles... she needs a lil work but We'll get there! Thanks for the supportive reply!
  6. Ok, so I read the forums on how to do this procedure and found some pics from one of MephisMan's threads. I've located the black/white wire connector while fixing my power antenna. I ground the wire and nothing happens. I just got the car and don't have much history but it only has only 65k on it and seems to be in decent shape. I wouldnt suspect much hacking of the wiring and it certainly looks normal. The only remote I got was aftermarket but I'm assuming it can be programmed natively with the car. its a Prestige 105BP. I bought a used 2522338 remote since I needed another set of keys anyhow and this Prestige looks gaudy. The destination remote doesn't matter since I cant even get the lock/unlock programming mode from jumping the black/white wire. any ideas? Edit: oh lord... I just dug under the dash and found an Audiovox rx14pbl... clean install at least... Why would something like this be installed? the car doesn't remote start as far as I can tell. Edit2: Yep... I have a Prestige APS687C installed in the car. Just doesn't work for the remote start, however. Oh well, guess that explains why I cant program my normal remote!
  7. Did this kzwslf ever publish the 3d file or someone else make one? 3d printers are fairly common now and I'd like to print a set.
  8. NECROBUMP!!!! Still have any of those switches left?
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