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  1. So - this morning I found that all of the coolant in my car had dumped on the ground. After adding coolant I noticed it looked like it was coming from between the engine and tranny? But I don't know what's there that could leak. Could a higher up coolant hose ruptured, sending coolant pouring down the block? It's hard to tell. So I guess my question is, what hoses are in that area that could rupture like that?
  2. Doh! Steering gear preload never even occurred to me! I'll have to check that out. The play exists regardless of the wheel's position.
  3. Ever since I’ve had my car, I’ve noticed that there’s a diminutive amount of play in the center of the steering wheel’s travel, maybe a 1/4” or less of movement. The car steers smoothly and tightly, but I’ve always wondered about that little bit of play. It sometimes makes it feel a little weird when going straight, as the wheel ends up very slightly cocked to the side. Is it possible that it’s the steering gear getting a little worn after 150k miles? (I suppose it could be.) I’ve also thought about the possibility that the rack bushings have grown worn. What do you guys think? It’s also worth noting that I recently replaced both tie rod ends on the passenger side. The driver’s side still felt pretty tight (no play at all), so I decided to hold off on that. I almost wonder if a worn inner tie rod end on the driver’s side has something to do with it.
  4. So piston slap is a known issue with the LH0 3.1 mpfi as well? I can't say I'm particularly surprised. I know the 3100 SFI's are known to have the issue, along with it's cousin the 3400. Honestly I'm not too worried about the noise, as it's completely gone after driving the car for a while to let everything get up to temperature. Driving hard also alleviates the sound quickly. The sudden increase in oil pressure incurred by the engine upon flooring it and allowing it to rev to 5500 must either forcefully pump up my lifters or the temperature increase allows the pistons to expand and fully fill the bore. It wouldn't surprise me even slightly if I have a lifter that is sludgy. Either one sounds plausible. It also doesn't help that my thermostat seems to now be stuck open. The temp gauge is able to move itself off its peg fairly quickly, but the temp will not manage to make its way higher than a quarter of the way up while driving, unless I'm cruising at around ~60mph (2k rpm) for a long period of time, in which case it'll traverse to about one mark above a quarter of the way up and stay there. The engine will also maintain operating temperature (195-200) if I allow it to idle long enough, and at that point the engine is as quiet as a Cadillac. Anyways, I digress. Because of this, the engine sometimes gets itself stuck in this "in between" state where the tapping is greatly reduced, but still very sightly audible. This only happens if I drive at low speeds and use the throttle very judiciously. So yeah. The sound is definitely one that only occurs when the engine is cold, and seems to be related to the oil pressure conditions to a point as well.
  5. As the title suggests, the 3.1l LH0 v6 "vin T" in my car makes a noise that sounds like a knock (tap tap tap tap tap) on a cold startup. It sounds like it's coming from the middle of the engine. If I rev it past 2k rpm or so, the noise is no longer audible. I've also noticed that if I get rambunctious with it and floor it when cold (as much as I hate doing that), the noise disappears quickly, suggesting to me that maybe it's a lifter that is not properly pumping up. It's also worth mentioning that the engine is super quiet after warming up besides a little rocker arm noise. The rapping "tap tap tap" goes away after the temp gauge raises up above it's lowest reading.
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