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  1. I will continue, but maybe this whole thread should be "downed" but I discovered the passenger side rack and pinion was without a bushing, just the metal tube that allowed for play, I replaced with new, and rather annoying to install under a car with the anti-roll bar misaligning my bolt to just slide in, I managed. now my steering is direct, no play or "wobble" anymore. I would like to focus on why either why my gas gauge is not working, or move on to fixing the a/c, which may just need a new compressor and blender door. so My real dilemma is the gas gauge, which I may need to drop the tank and just replace the entire pump housing. is there a part without buying the actual pump, because mine is functioning, just the level indicator is not. Not sure if could be a wire, or the actual part yet. can I use a s/c unit with the n/a application, this seems to cheap to have the actual pump, but it say it does.
  2. I see not much enthusiasm for my repair, but its held up over this bumpy mess of a back road loop I have, I do not daily drive this car. I did noticed that the passenger side rubber bushing is in need of a replace. Lifted the vehicle to notice it can also shift, slightly up and down. my epoxied bolt has not come loose, It will atleast hold until the day I get another subframe. I will be in process of filling the entire subframe cavity area around the bolt with this epoxy mixture, a little bit at a time. what I mean to say, maybe after it is road worthy again, maybe someone could repair this subframe with a weld, "without" having to take it apart. still trying to get my head around what caused the damage in the first place. *see first picture*
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