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  1. Here are some pictures of my projects. I am going to rebuild the engine in my 95 Cutlass and keep it for my daily driver. After I am done with my 84 Camaro, I have plans for it. At this moment, I am helping my friend work on his (used to be mine) 73 Nova. We want to try and have it on the road this summer. I have a youtube channel started (macc dadd_72) that I will be uploading videos when I figure out how to edit them so I don't sound like such a mumbling idiot. Also, follow me on instagram (@maccdadd_72) As far as my TSTE, I lost all of my pictures thanks to a junked hard drive.
  2. Hello all, I was a member here in 2000-2004ish (FATGUY) and life happened. Back then I had a Maroon 1990 Turbo STE and was fairly active. Since then (read as kids, wife, jobs, moves) the car went away and eventually I bought a 1995 Cutlass Supreme body and dropped in a 2002 3100 for my daily driver about 90 miles per day. 5 1/2 years and 120,000 miles later I had an engine mishap and now and contemplating what direction to go with the car. My wife hates it, I LOVE it!! lt is starting to show its Upper Midwest Salty Highway wear, but its not too bad yet (neglected the last couple of years). I am currently looking for a few parts to fix it back up and will be here more often with updates. I am extremely busy with 3 teenagers, work, restoring a 1973 Nova for a friend, and general honey-do list items, but will get here when I can. Good luck to all maccdadd_72
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