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  1. And this is the left. I very much appreciate the warm welcome and words of advice. Actually, this is a family member's car, although I will have occasion to drive it periodically. I was asked to put brakes on it, which I did, and realized hey wait a minute! So, this is actually salvageable, then? Okay, good to know. On Rockauto, I am looking at Monroe 902995 and 902994. I buy those, and new gas struts, right? Anything else? (I mostly work on my B body Delta 88s; this strut stuff is new to me :))
  2. Well, upon further inspection, it seems that the strut hoursing is rusted through. There appears to be a rubber cup at the bottom of the spring. The metal housing in which that sits, is rusted. I will see about a pic or two, but I'm thinking a junkyard trip is in the future.
  3. Just got a 92 Grand Prix 4 door grandma car. It's in good shape overall, but it does need suspension work at all four corners. It seems that rear strut assemblies are plentiful. However, I have been searching and I cannot find a front assembly. The front struts show significant rusting where the bottom of the spring sits. It is not reusable. I have checked Monroe, Gabriel, KYB, Rockauto, Autozone, Advance Auto, NAPA, Ebay. No one seems to sell an assembly. So, does anyone know where I can get them?
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