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  1. Hello, I am starting by saying this is not a thread about the dome light switches... This is a thread about my dome light all together, it stays on constantly like a door is open. I have had to remove the bulbs and unplug everything because it drains my battery. Any ideas? I have thought maybe it's the door switches, but I am not sure how to test them. Thanks in advance. 1994 3.1 convertible.
  2. Thank you! I am on the hunt for older switch work
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! This is my 3rd Cutlass convertible. I have had a 92, 95, and now a 94. I regret getting rid of the 95 I had, but you live and learn.
  4. Hello, sorry it took so long to respond. Thanks for the warm welcome! Here are some pics I snapped today.
  5. Hello friends! So I have a 94 Cutlass vert 3.1. I have owned a 92 and a 95. I really dislike the 94's headlight control setup. It seems to me like they want to change it a little but didn't know what to do so they changed that. My question is, can I convert my 94 headlight switch setup to the earlier style? Plus my switch is broken from the bezel and it's annoying! Thanks!
  6. Hello, I am new to the forum. Recently bought a 94 Cutlass vert with a 3.1 and 162k miles. Always wanted one.
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