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  1. with all that messin around, it may be cheaper just to get a low end deck with aux input, and sound and be much nicer. and whats so wrong with the FM transmitter? Get one of the nice belkin ones.
  2. hah when running, mine had 50k less than that, mint condition, and i couldnt even get 1500. I would set it at 1500, or even 1250, and be ready to go to 1000.
  3. the GAGT one is a lot more scripted...
  4. mine needed headgaskets...and i picked up this AWSOME 95 GAGT
  5. i too, am w-bodyless. The guy came today from Va Beach with a truck and took her off. I ran home from work to see it off.
  6. cool, thanks this is the right size for our cars, right? jon
  7. Hey, I just wanted to know if someone could confirm 12x1.5 being the size of our lugnuts. And is the 12 on how long they are? Im takin the nice chrome ones off the cutlass and going to put them on my grand am gt, which I know uses 12x1.5 thanks jon
  8. yah..ive always heard that ticking noise was the lifters, escp. when cold. My cs is REALLY bad when it comes to that
  9. yeah....looks like no speakers other than these huge screens.
  10. thats what i just didnt look like you could get to the screws....
  11. Hey yall when removing the sirius stuff the other day from the cutlass..i was lookin at the read 6x9s. They have a metal plate below...and to small of holes on top to do anything with below the screens. How in the world do you remove them?!!?!111
  12. gahhh i wish i had someone near me to help me change the HG on the cutlass....while I would still get the other car...could have this one runnning
  13. for a second i was like...wait a mintue...27k? Thats canadian, right?
  14. cutlass was 18,500 with rebates subtract about 18,000, and you got what its worth now
  15. all this REALLY SUCKS since the cutlass isnt being driven. I have the lady's 2003 Durango...and with the way i drive, or just the ammount, its terriable jon
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