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  1. K98311

    Boosting a 03 century with a lg8

    Well what tuning options do I have for the stock computer?
  2. K98311

    New member with big dreams

    This is all I have at the moment
  3. I know I'm crazy but me and my wife would love to boost her lg8 powered century. I would only run 5 psi maybe more who knows. I just dont know how to go about it. I would pipe it back up after the collector and the 02 sensors so I wouldn't have to mess with any of that. Would the l67 pcm plug in and work? And I would probably use l67 injectors too. Otherwise what pcm would I use? What kinda tuning options are there?
  4. Hello Me and my wife own a 2003 buick century with a lg8 (?) 3.1. She has owned nothing but 2000s centurys. Car has 94k miles on it oil changed every 3k miles or less and is still golden. Recently I slapped in a home made cold air intake and it really woke it up. Makes so much more engine noise now. I'm a ford and honda guy and I've always put turbos on my cars. My idea would be to make a homemade turbo system for her car. I know little about these cars and motors. Ideas running through my head are using a l67 pcm ( if it works) with the bigger l67 injectors. Just would run 5psi