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  1. I should have taken pics, and I know this is a dumb question... I cannot for the life of me get this orange clip connected back onto the rotating piece where it goes. I know where it needs to go, but the orientation alludes me, and I’m scared of breaking it. Does anyone have a picture and/or description of what I do to make this happen. ‘90 Cutlass Supreme, Delco base style cluster.
  2. I’ve got it working again, but the people I sent it to were pretty half ass. It’s got 186XXX miles on it so no error, but when you switch it to KM mode, it does show “Error.”
  3. No, this is just what I’ve been told, which sounds like a bunch of consensus no one agrees on. This is in a ‘90 Olds Cutlass with the Delco digital cluster. Is it possible that it may not display an error? I’ve also been told that replacing the entire board is necessary rather than just the chip, but I don’t know what to believe at this point...
  4. No, I haven’t. The thought hadn’t dawned on me, but I’ve had pretty rotten luck with dealerships being able to help me do anything with my old stuff except sell a few parts at a sky high markup. I’ll see if I can find anyone who can do anything. I’ll reply back if and when something gets done so y’all can know what to do or who to go to in the future.
  5. I’ve just found out that a 1989-94 S-Blazer/Jimmy odometer chip is the key to fixing it without necessarily having to reprogram anything. If I had one of those, I’d be golden. Now someone else is telling me that the Blazer chip doesn’t work. I don’t even know...
  6. I’ve only found one place on the continent that can fix my dead cluster and reprogram the odometer to not say “error” after 200,000 miles which mine should be almost at. Does anyone know what I can do? Is this something that happens every time? This company apparently used to have a contingent in North Dakota, Mr. Whizard, but they’re now moving everything to Manitoba and no longer accepting U.S. orders as of this month. I’m in a real bind here so if anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate them. Otherwise, I’ll have to send it to someone in Winnipeg that can take it there in person, but I’d rather not pay all that money if someone stateside can do it. Thanks! I care mostly about having my mileage right, or I’d investigate getting a later cluster that’s not digital.
  7. send me a picture to of the floor mat please

  8. Yeah, I went ahead and ordered the combo that has the tank, sender assembly, and straps. Going that route reduces the chances of something going wrong and having to overpay for more parts.
  9. Good ideas here. On the tank, I’m hoping it might not be horrible because it was bone dry, and the bottom looks okay so I’m just worried about the clumpy rust on the inside or rotten pump baffling. Excellent price on that, I’ll have to follow up. Are the injectors that sensitive? I’ve not dealt with injection more complex than TBI so that’s interesting but not so shocking. The paint is meh. The roof has some moderate surface rust spots but nothing penetrative or even compromising, really. The interior is almost perfect, the pictures don’t do it justice. I’ll grab some more pics when I’m back working on it in a couple weeks. The only issue there is a curling up of the dash pad by the defrost vent, but I’ve seen others with this so I’m assuming it’s a common issue.
  10. That’d be good. My brother’s going to PAP this weekend (hopefully) so maybe I can get him to pull me that cluster and then the horns if I can tell him exactly where to look. Mine are all on the core support, but I didn’t know if this was different. This car is somewhat of a departure for me but luckily still a good bit of familiar territory.
  11. Good to meet you!  Any friend of Manic is a friend of mine.  He's a great guy and has taught me a lot.  Congrats on the 90 CS sedan.  I just acquired my first CS sedan a little while ago, a 96 model year SL.  Been really enjoying it!

    I thought my coupe was really sad when I found her but you take the cake!  I'm a little weird in that I love finding cars in the worst conditions and then saving them, bringing them back to life, so thank you for doing the same!  My cluster quit on me last year and ironically, I just send it off last week for repair.  It's the higher end UB3 one, I hope the shop can fix it.  It's also dead, the only thing coming on is the warning lights.  My beloved International as I found her in Oklahoma in Dec of 2015.  It's now living in Iowa.


    I have a total of three W's now, I'm addicted!  I also have a 87 GMC Sierra 4x4 so it's nice to see another squarebody guy here!  Good to meet you again, and welcome!


  12. Got some help already from @ManicMechanic, but I wanted to keep the discussion going on my issues. My new-to-me car has been sitting for about 15 (+/- a year) years. A lot, and I mean a lot, works in it that I’ve been able to check. The only things that aren’t are the turn signals, horns, and instrument clusters. I was just informed on the location of the turn flasher so I’ll replace it next chance I get. My horn relay clicks, and the fuse is good, but there’s no sound. If they’re like the old school horns I’ve played with, I can test them. Where are they located, though? I’ve searched, admittedly not too hard, but I haven’t seen them yet. Finally, my cluster is completely dead minus the backlighting that comes on when switching on the lights. It’s the base style cluster, and I do get a self-test of the warning lights and SES light. Locally, the two Cutlasses in the junkyard have the identical cluster (a ‘ 90) and then a traditional cluster in an SL coupe (‘93). I’ll have to check around to see if I can find one or two more of these cars. The full digital cluster would be cool, but I have to be honest, I’m not too thrilled about having to do a repin for that guy. Let me know what you guys think!
  13. I’m the new owner of a 1990 Olds Cutlass Supreme sedan. Nothing too fancy here. It sat for fifteen years in what appeared to be somewhat adversarial conditions. It was located in the bayous of Cut Off, Louisiana, and it’s currently staying under the carport of my childhood home in Mississippi. It’s a 3.1L/4T60 car. It’s got crank windows and manual seats but power windows and locks. It’s got the base model digital cluster, cruise control, A/C, and the more basic radio option, however with a tape deck. So far, I’ve only been able to change the oil and filter, battery, and flush the cooling system (although I’m concerned that it didn’t do much good). Trying to crank it over yielded no results, and I don’t hear any fuel pump activity in the tank. A shot of starting fluid in the throttle body yielded a quick popping off. I bought a new pump, filter, and strainer sock I’m scared that the whole sender will be a chunk of rust, and it won’t read the level properly or at all which leads me to what doesn’t work electronically... I’ll post those issues in the appropriate section. Here are the photos from the night I went to look at it two weeks ago today. My profile picture is a more recent picture after a two hour struggle at the car wash.
  14. Hey man, good to have you here. (retroc10sport)

    1. 1987 GMC Jimmy

      1987 GMC Jimmy

      Glad to be here finally. My confirmation email was going to a spam filter. Anyway, great to see a familiar face!

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