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  1. It was probably me, when that grand Prix gt was rear ended I went out and bought a GTP ( cause I liked the GP so much) and got the GT back from the insurance company for spare parts. It probably happened when I took the water pump from it and was reassembling the old engine. Kinda feel dumb for not noticing
  2. I see where your coming from on that. I'll just replace the gaskets and grommets so there's no issues. It has the plastic elbows on the coolant right now so I'm gonna suggest they swap them out for the metal ones as I've had one blow out and leave me stranded before. Im only asking for 350 for the engine so I'm trying not to spend too much on repairs between everything.
  3. I greatly appreciate everyone's responses. I think imp may be correct in his theory. I'm gonna break it open to make sure nothing got inside and replace with one from the junkyard. Thank you fordman for your offer and I would totally take you up on it if they weren't coming Saturday for the engine. One more question though, if I open the valve cover the gasket needs replaced correct?
  4. I'm selling my engine from my parts car and discovered a hole in my valve cover when I removed my alternator that looks non stock. The engine ran fine when I drove it and last parked it with no knocks or issues. I just want to make sure I'm not selling the engine with a problem I didn't know about
  5. So my GTP has the climate deck with heated seats but not dual climate control. My heated seat has been giving me problems and I believe it's the control deck. So I went to the junkyard and found a climate deck buts it's digital dual climate. I was unaware my GTP only had one 24 pin plug and the new deck has two slightly smaller plugs. Is there a wire harness conversion or work around for this. The new climate deck was from a 2005 Grand prix
  6. Good info, ty. I'll try the resistor and unplug it and see if it throws a error when I drive.
  7. You should just swap the subframe. Making a weld here or there may fix this break but if one broke the rest are soon to follow. I've replaced the subframe on my 04 GP three times now and it really wasn't that bad and then you can at least put your faith into your car again. I found my sub frames from junkyards, I know you said most are smashed at your cars age but there is so many of these out there I would be willing to bet you can find one if you really look. See if any other makes or models carried the same frame as well. I payed 30$ for my subframe from the junkyard so this could really be your best money option. To replace the frame you need a engine lift of some sort though. I used a engine support bar lift from harbor freight, was a cheap purchase and has come in handy many of times.
  8. So I had a 2004 Grand Prix GT and I was rear-ended, rest is fine upfront and inside. I replaced it with a 2004 Grand Prix GTP and bought back my old GT from the insurance for parts car. Now, my question is can I use the rack and pinion from my GT if it doesn't have the plug for variable assist like my GTP? Will this just throw a code or will I have drivability issues. The rack on the GTP is leaking so I'm sure the seals are toast. I know the rack on the GT is in fine shape.
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