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  1. Does the Regal GS have a lot of incompatible parts with the Grand Prix or does everybody just say to get the parts from a GTP because that guarantees a supercharged 3800?
  2. I let him know I have it. The only downside is he's in Canada so shipping might be really expensive. Edit: Dammit I just saw that you PM'd him too. At least he's definitely gonna see this now.
  3. Thanks for letting me know! I think pinging him will give him a notification. @55trucker
  4. I have a front strut tower bar I took out of a '94 LQ1 Cutlass vert. $25 plus shipping and it's yours.
  5. Wow! Thanks for letting us know, keep us updated if you find anything!
  6. I thought I remembered somebody asked about a strut bar. I got one just like that one from my runs to the junkyard. Are you still interested in getting one?
  7. I'll just make a wanted post asking if anyone has an extra set of basketweave rims they don't need. Also I want to know what they are smoking to think $80 a wheel is a fair price.
  8. I forgot to mention 2 things. 1. They didn't have the basketweave rims from the grand prix in stock at pick n pull 2. They might have gotten in an aztek recently. I saw a red one in the area where they keep cars that they are waiting to put into the yard, but it's always possible it was an employee's car since it was in the far back by itself.
  9. Those tail lights are in insanely good condition. Makes me jealous as my 98 has issues with water leaking into the assembly. Also I took pictures of the cutlass's interior. Poor thing, might have been worth saving. Both the cutlass and grand prix had their drivers side rear seat ripped upwards. Somebody was looking for something very specific I guess.
  10. At the junkyard now, here's what I've taken off so far
  11. Yep, it just so happens to be a '94. If its still there Ill grab it for you. Also, yes I want to keep OBD2. That's another one of the reasons I wasn't so sure about using this as a donor car.
  12. It has a factory cassette player. I don't recall if it had that cupholder and I didn't take an interior picture. However, I did take a picture of the rear. I recall the other tail light being in similar shape to the one in the picture. I tried taking the strut bar off but I stopped when I risked stripping the nuts. Edit: Well I am going back tomorrow. As it turns out, the Grand Prix DOES have something I want. I want those basketweave wheels, they weren't with the car but I doubt somebody took them in the 2 weeks they've been there. They should require 245/50 tires right? Shame I won't be able to use my month old sumitomos on them but I can hold onto them until I need new tires. I can't tell if they are the gold or silver ones though, @ManicMechanic does the vin let you know? Vin is 1G2WJ12M8SF210668, I'm curious to know how rare it is too.
  13. PM'd I forgot to mention, @jiggity76 I remembered you asked for that spark plug wire clip and while it's still there, you can see in the picture that it's sadly broken.
  14. I went to the pick n pull today. I've been thinking heavily about if I want to go through with the LQ1 swap or not, and I'm thinking I'll wait for a while before I go ahead with the swap. Here are a few pictures I took. The vert. The engine. Looks a little rough which is why I'm a bit weary of using this one for the swap. Interior was beat up too, this car had a rough past few years. Looks like the past owner was a shady dealer, as there was a sheet in the window making it very clear there was no dealer warranty, that didn't help improve my confidence in this engine. I didn't know they had a 5th gen Grand Prix in stock. Poor thing, it's the first time I've seen another 5th gen coupe in at least a month and a half. There weren't many pieces I could take from it, the grille I need was broken, it didn't have a spoiler so the rear piece behind the back seats was different from my badly dry rotted one, and the interior was really dirty. Such a shame too, as I love the dark cloth. Only thing I could really take from it that I needed was the door mechanism that broke on mine. Like I said, this interior was filthy. You can see the back of the cutlass in the top left. There were a few other W bodies but they were later ones, these were the only 1st gens that I saw there. Also they had a chevette. If anybody needs a specific part from these cars let me know, I can go grab them and ship them later in the week. I don't have much room in my apartment to store things so I was reluctant to grab parts left and right without anyone actively needing them.
  15. I might need to grab the door hinge out of that cutlass convertible too, if they're directly compatible with Grand Prixs. Mine sounds awful. Sorry for the bad focus, was barely able to see the screen on my phone.
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