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  1. James Robert

    Cooling fans

    I've just noticed my radiator fans come on when I start my car from cold, then shut down in a few seconds. And now I hear them coming on when the engine is cool after the ignition is turned off and key removed. Is this an indication of a PCM failure or maybe a temp sensor issue? '95 LQ1.
  2. James Robert

    LED conversion

    Tempting. I'm still confused on which OBD I have in my '95. I have a 12 pin plug mounted on the lower dash, with only two wires going into it, but hanging free under the dash I also found a 16 plug connector. Does that make a difference?
  3. James Robert

    LED conversion

    OK, thanks. They do all light now. I just thought yours may have been an intermittent issue. The GM dealer wants $150 to scan for ABS codes. I'm thinking about just buying the scan tool and the adapter cable.
  4. James Robert

    LED conversion

    I have an ABS light on in my CS. Found two burned out bulbs and one missing entirely in the CHMSL. Fixed that but ABS light is still on. I could have the same problem you have. How did you know the bulbs were making poor contact? Did they not come on?
  5. James Robert

    Oil leak

    Positive crankcase ventilator not doing it's job?
  6. James Robert

    Dumb question?

    A little disappointing that you would take the time to point out my spelling error, yet make no effort to actually answer my question......
  7. James Robert

    Dumb question?

    Yes, Torx, I should re-read my messages before sending......
  8. James Robert

    Dumb question?

    Yeah, I thought about that, somehow figured there was a 'new school' way. That's what I'll do. Thanks.
  9. James Robert

    Dumb question?

    I'm preparing to change the timing belt on the LQ1 at 53k miles. I understand I need to have it at TDC on compression stroke. Without a distributor, what's the best way to determine when it's on the compression stroke? Also, I need to buy the correct size torque socket for the idlers and tensioner. What size is it? Thanks.
  10. I was also just working in that area. I found the upper door panel had pulled away from the metal channel at the top from sun exposure and age, and wouldn't stay in place. I bent the black metal channel, by hand, on the door inward about 3/8 of an inch along the whole length, and the top of the door panel held much better in it's proper place. Just FYI.
  11. James Robert

    What is this part?

    In my case, blind is right! Working on cars was a lot more fun as a kid with perfect vision!
  12. James Robert

    What is this part?

    Bingo! You're right, it slides into a bracket at the bottom of the window roller track. I could only see it with the window half way down. Thanks, you guys are great!
  13. James Robert

    What is this part?

    The window works fine, starts and stops in the right place, but I'll lower it down and look again. I may have to open the drivers side panel and see if I can find the same part on that side, although I was trying to avoid that extra work.
  14. James Robert

    What is this part?

    Working inside my passenger side door and found this just lying at the bottom. Does anyone recognize it? Some kind of rubber bumper, but I can't figure out where it's supposed to go.
  15. In need of a passenger side A pillar weather strip, the one on the post not the door. Mine has a 1" chunk out of it, so I want one as perfect as possible. I know they are hard to find but just checking.....