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  1. negativeMatt

    Old TGP owner, new member

    Turn signal switch is your smoke issue, mine had the same problem. Drop tank and clean it out. Buy a Walbro255 fuel pump and swap it while the tank is down. New filter and blow through the lines with air. Seafoam treatment when you get it all back together and itll be good. Just did this to my 90 which had sat since 2001.
  2. negativeMatt

    I own a 90 TGP....again

    I used an Astro van set up as the accumulator is shorter and more compact. We use them on alot of pro-touring builds and they work great.
  3. negativeMatt

    I own a 90 TGP....again

    I had that car before the internet! Lol
  4. negativeMatt

    I own a 90 TGP....again

    Hi all, I recently bought a 90 TGP that had been sitting since 2001. Time wasn't kind to it for sure. The seats are shot, the paint is baked but I still like the old thing. I spent a day buffing and cleaning it up , and generally seeing what I have here. The guy I got it from had swapped in a new fuel tank, new filter and had gotten it running. He had attempted a brake booster swap but that was where I picked it up. In the last week, I gathered the parts I needed and over this weekend I swapped in a hydroboost brake setup from scavenged junkyard parts. Even with the old pads and rotors, this thing stops amazingly! I plan to do a full write up as I took pics during the swap. I had a black 90 TGP many years ago and loved that car, and always vowed to have another. This one may be rough, but I'm still going to enjoy driving it!