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  1. RareCoinsGuy

    OBD 1.5 confusion

    Is it fairly straightforward? I've had trouble finding any info on doing so in a 1994/1995 GM vehicle. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I'm trying to learn how to research here
  2. RareCoinsGuy

    OBD 1.5 confusion

    Greetings, W-body fans! My question is simple. since I’m fairly certain the L82 in the 1995 Lumina is dead (but can’t find out until I can move it from its parking spot), I just wanted to know if there’s any reason I can’t put a ‘96+ L82 in the car. Would I need different sensors? Do I need to re-wire the whole car? I’d love to have OBDII and be done with it but I’m just trying to get this thing road worthy for now.
  3. RareCoinsGuy

    Recent Lumina owner, long time lurker

    Should I rebuild the 4T60-E or look for a 4T65-E HD
  4. RareCoinsGuy

    Recent Lumina owner, long time lurker

    I’m inclined to rebuild a Series II L67 now tbh. I want to convert the car to OBD II
  5. Good day! I have recently been given a non-running 1995 Lumina 3.1l. At the moment, I suspect the intake manifold gasket has given way to overheating and water entry problems. I’m wanting to put a later 60° engine but unsure what to do to wire the car for OBD II