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  1. Thanks for the idea but...... You do you and I'll do me. I really dont need your ideas how I should live my life. But yeah i do need a new scantool. But it will come in due time.
  2. Well I havent bought new a scanner, dont really have the money to do so yet. Right now im a broke ass native... Kids are expensive. Lol anyhow i took my digital meat thermometer and poked around. I had found i got pretty regular temp reading when piking diffrent parts of the block. Well i let her warm up for around 20 minutes or so. I shut it off and found temps reading 160ish, again frim a few diffrent spots. So I figured I would just put my thermometer on top of the thermostat housing. Kind of just setting on the top so i would touch nothing else. Well I let it warm up and watched my thermometer go up to 215 and shut it off. So I thought maybe on of my 3 relays must actually be bad. So I pulled them all and tested them. All clicked and passed with continuity. So I put them back in place. I restarted after a full cool down. Made sure fluids were all good. I started it back up and stood there drinking my morning coffee and chain smoking watching the temps rise. It held at 180 for what seemed forever. I looked at the dash gauge and it was cresting the second notch. And i thought here we go time to see if the fans kick on soon. Well I smoked another and drank somemore. And watched the digital thermometer again. It came up to I think 212 and the low speed fan kicked on by itself. Sat there some more and it bever climed past 212. I think i must have watched that little screen for 90 minutes. So now maybe they are running. A bad connection at the relay? The fuse? I dont know I just know it kicked on when it wouldnt before.
  3. Help they quit working.... They come on with the ac but not when it actually when it gets hot. I've unplugged the coolant temp sensor they will kick on then. Any ideas out there?
  4. Vasoline? Do I really need to pack the gears to get oil pressure? If so what am I to pack full? Just the gears, or the all the oil ports on the timing cover? I figure too much vasoline might not be a good thing.
  5. Coolant leaking out of the radiator side of the timing cover. Pour water in and it runs right back out. Looking at changing the gaskets to the cover but cant find enough info on removal. The book I have dosent really cover it too well. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. One more quick question. What are you doing to cool your tranny? External cooler only or keep it thtough the radiator? I noticed as engine temps go up to does the trannys.
  7. Sounds like one hell of an idea. Thanks guys your all awesome
  8. Ok looking into a radiator. Any aftermarket ones i should avoid? Do i need one for the supercharged motor?I ask due to pricing, anywhere from 70ish up a few hundred. I know you get what you pay for.
  9. No stop leak for me. No such thing as a mechanic in a can.
  10. Didn't know about the water. Is filtered water ok or should it be distilled?
  11. I'll look into the radiator. Would could explain the heating up. But I noticed the intake gasket should be replaced. Looks like a little leak.
  12. I did replace it. And yeah he's about three cans short of a six pack.
  13. I flushed it myself. I warmed up the car not fully but warm then opened the drain. When completely drained and cooled i refilled it with plain water and drained it. Pulled the upper hose and flushed the radiator till water came out clean. With no thermostat i filled the block till it ran clean as well.
  14. Oil is clean. No milk shake. It thas been going on a few months. We got the car from my wifes aunt and uncle. They never drove it much. Her uncles solution was to take out the thermostat.
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