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    K&R reacted to Imp558 in Haven’t ever seen a vinyl top four door before. Original or added later?   
    Added later, looks like it has mock ribs like a 'vert too.
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    K&R reacted to jiggity76 in Since you asked, here she is! My ‘90 Vert. I bought it in Oct ‘17 from an old man off   
    I don't know anything about the ABS system on these cars, sorry.  There is some good information on here that can help you with this particular problem.  I know they were problematic and my 91 is a non equipped ABS car so I haven't had to deal with it.  Start a thread or search the forum and help is on the way!
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    K&R reacted to jiggity76 in Since you asked, here she is! My ‘90 Vert. I bought it in Oct ‘17 from an old man off   
    It comes and goes for 1st gen stuff in the yards around my area.  I grab what I can when I can.  I'm keeping a look out for your weather stripping piece, I'll let you know.  A pic would be helpful too.
    Yeah, just send me your VIN and it's pretty cool to find out all the stuff that makes your car unique.  Manic is a genius when it comes to that sort of thing.  He's usually pretty quick and gracious to do it.
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    K&R reacted to jiggity76 in Since you asked, here she is! My ‘90 Vert. I bought it in Oct ‘17 from an old man off   
    Sure, just PM the VIN and I can pass it on to Manic for him to decode.
    There is a member on here who just bought a 91 coupe with the LQ1 and 5 speed, very rare car due to that combo.  It's also red with grey cloth interior.  Here's a pic.

    I would go after the vert close to my mom's house but I already have about 3 projects I'm working on.  I just bought a 93 GP STE that's still in CA and hoping to get it back to Iowa this fall.  It's a 1 of 2 car with the options and color combo.  It needs work but it's rust free and here's a couple pics from the CL ad.

    My other W that's in my garage waiting for some love.  A 91 CS coupe International series, a 1 of 1 car due to it's options and color combo.  I bought it from the original owner down in Oklahoma in 2015.  Pics from how I found it and what it looks like now in my garage.

    I found this car a few weeks ago down in a Des Moines, IA junkyard.  It's a 1 of 1 car.  A 92 vert with rare cloth interior, factory CD player, and engine block heater. 

    Very rare triple white 94 vert with the LQ1, factory CD, and HUD.  I took the HUD for backup parts for my car and the CD player.  This car has the sawblade rims instead of the 5 spokes. The 5 spokes were not available during its production build due to supplier issues, so GM fitted cars with the 5 spokes for uninterrupted production.  Very few verts left the factory with the sawblades because of this.  Production resumed back to the 5 spokes when supplies were again available at the factory.

    I hope you enjoyed these!  There was a 91 vert a little while ago on, a 1 of 1 car because it was a factory red car with black top and Garnet Red leather interior, pics are gone now.  Almost forgot, a member on here named Sean1991Olds has this beautiful blue 91 vert.  It's 1 of like 33 or something, I can't remember.  His car is the only blue 91 vert I've ever seen and it's gorgeous!

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    K&R reacted to jiggity76 in Since you asked, here she is! My ‘90 Vert. I bought it in Oct ‘17 from an old man off   
    What a pretty car!  It's so refreshing to see a red one since the ones I've seen have all been white ones, seems white is very popular.  I don't know if you have met ManicMechanic (Jay) on here but if you give him the VIN, he can decode it and tell you exactly how rare it is and also give you all the RPO codes for it, really cool guy.  If you need help with getting ahold of him just let me know.  There was like 460 or something 1990 verts built so they are pretty rare.  I can't remember the exact number.
    By the way, this car is down the street from my mom's house in Dallas City, IL.  Guy doesn't want to sell it yet and it's been sitting at his property for awhile but I'm sure the right money would buy it.  Manic ran the VIN for me and it came back as a white car, black top, and the same grey interior as your vert. Someone has repainted it black at some point in it's life.  Welcome again and really nice vert, you should be proud!

    This car does show the RPO code for the trunk luggage rack, extremely rare for a vert, especially for a 1990 car.  I have more pics of rare W's and some verts as well if you want to see them.
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