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  1. K&R

    Cutlass convertible original drafts

    Oh wow. The handle was just a quick fix then through the whole production! So I noticed the Chrysler PT Cuiser has the handle as well. Do you know if they did the same thing or is there extra support underneath?
  2. K&R

    Cutlass convertible original drafts

    Wow!! So 1990 is the first full production year for the convertible. So the weak structure caught GM off guard and that’s why their aren’t any 1989 convertibles so they had to push it back to 1990?
  3. K&R

    Cutlass convertible original drafts

    So the handle is made for structure? Did GM not put extra bracing underneath like a traditional convertible.
  4. K&R

    Cutlass convertible original drafts

    The “roll bar” is a unique design on these. Was it originally designed for a roll over crash or extra body support since some ‘88s didn’t have the bar.
  5. K&R

    Top Raising.

    I could try that. The hydraulic system also may need a good flush and fresh fluid.
  6. K&R

    Top Raising.

    Its off pretty bad. Looks like the driver side is doing all the work. Before I bought the car it was stored inside for 12 years with the top down so it may just need a good adjusting and oiling up to get it moving again. Im replacing the sweeps on the corner windows soon so I'll look at it more then.
  7. K&R

    Top Raising.

    No, I did replace a cylinder in it but it still wouldn’t raise evenly. The more the top raised and lowered,it evened up a little bit but you can still see the difference. I started having brake problems and then the weather turned cold. I’m getting ready to replace the rear window rubber sweeps that dry rot so when I do that I may look into the top more. I’ll let you know what I find.
  8. K&R Southern meetup 2019

    Branson/Springfeild, Mo is a big car enthusiast cities. There are shows there all the time and route 66 runs right through there. Not as exciting as Nashville, but a idea for a future southern meet.
  9. Haven’t ever seen a vinyl top four door before. Original or added later? 


    1. Imp558


      Added later, looks like it has mock ribs like a 'vert too.

  10. K&R

    Hello all!

    I have planned day trips just for Bass Pro! Welcome to the Forum I bought a W not knowing anything and everyone on here has been extremely helpful!
  11. K&R

    Hello all!

    I know Joplin! I love driving down 44 towards Springfield and seeing the shops and Route66
  12. K&R

    Hello all!

    Awesome! What part are you in? I’m STL area. About an hour south.
  13. K&R

    Hello all!

    Welcome Sarah! I’m in Missouri aswell!
  14. K&R


    Also, the 90 Vert that’s like mine in Scottsdale doesn’t have fog lights. I’m wondering if fog lights were an option?
  15. K&R


    The only switches on the dash are the Convertible top, headlights, E/M conversion, Trip 1&2, Reset trip and then the Climate control, DIS and steering controls.