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  1. I love that "Runs and Drives" is written on the windshield. Prolly not as good as they think.
  2. I’m pulling the top pad off the dash of my 90 Vert and behind the top switch was this connecting wire wrapped in tape. Although I have a aftermarket radio I don’t think it goes to it. Since this car left the factory a coupe and converted later could this be the outlet for the fog lights or bass audio switch?
  3. Thank you. I will do that!
  4. The windows are a little off on my 90 Vert and I’m trying to get them to operate correctly. This window seems like something is broke and goes sideways when rolled up. Do need to replace the whole window? Any one else have this issue?
  5. Welcome to the forum. Lots of knowledge here!! I also have a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Mine is a convertible.
  6. Oh Wow! that is cool to see. I love a column shift car. I didn't think they used the LQ1 that far into the 90s.
  7. I haven't even looked into fixing my locks yet. Its on the list though. If I had a factory radio I bet my antenna would work.
  8. The keyless entry doesn't work on my 90 Vert. The power antenna doesn't work either.
  9. I followed the wires and the lights aren’t wired to anything. They’re just bolted there. You were right. They’re aftermarket.
  10. I like that the placement of the fog lights on the later cars. Inset with the bumpers. On the earlier ones they just hang out the bottom.
  11. I’ll check my codes to see if there are from the factory. Thank you! She’s come along way! She just took first in a car show
  12. This is what my dash and buttons are. There is t a button anywhere. It’s odd.
  13. My 90 doesn’t have any of that. All I have is the headlight button. Where your light switch is is where by convertible top button is. It’s strange. I know fog lights were an option but there should still be a switch for them.
  14. This is prolly a stupid question but how do the fog lights turn on on a first gen W Vert? There isn’t a switch and they don’t come one with the head lights on. The bulbs aren’t blown.
  15. If you're willing and If its in good shape, on the CS I need the red trim that is at the base of the convertible top. There are three screws in the trunk that hold it on. Also the latches for the convertible top along with the screws. Feel free to PM me.
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