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  1. Old member of TGP forums and have owned my black TGP since 1994 when it had 10,000 miles on it. In 2001 I had a rear spark plug fly out of it a month after a dealer changed plugs. I parked it not knowing the car would sit there the next 17 years untouched. I'm just pulling it out of storage today. Besides the spark plug issue that I know about, pulling it out of storage, I'll have to drop the fuel tank as I have no fuel at all in the lines, hear no fuel pump, no relay even with a new one in it today. Everything else is pretty satisfactory. I'll post pics soon. I'll also be asking for help on the stripped spark plug issue, and maybe fuel pump advice seems like a tank drop for sure though I have also had over the years I drove it smoke in the steering wheel when I turned at times. I have ever car faxed the car but believe I'm the 2nd owner I was told it was a dealer demo car in Madison, WI to 4,000 miles and first owner had to about 10,000.
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