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  1. indeed. i planned to. i hope the strut towers aren't rotted. the rear rockers are almost gone sadly, i pushed on the metal that's inside the driverside passenger door (sedan) where the wheel well is and my finger punched through the metal. that bit scares me. but i don't think it's completely gone quite yet. this is a family car i grew up in so i want to keep it.
  2. i am inheriting a 2000 Grand prix SE with the LG8 3.1 liter from my parents. our family has had this car for 16 years, bought in 2002. i plan on keeping this car as long as possible, it's one of those family cars that i do not plan on selling no matter what, rust included. it does have rocker panel rust like all the others, and i do need to attack that first. the lower intake gasket has not been changed, but the car only has 100,000 miles on it. for a car that year that is very low mileage. i figured i would join here and get more info about these cars that i haven't read yet.
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