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  1. 18incholdz


    the car doesn't have a scratch on's loaded, has power everything, heads up display...bose stereo...
  2. 18incholdz


    a while back i sold my cutlass and bought a fullsize truck...but now i have a chance to buy a 2000 grand prix gtp, it's black w/ black leather...has 48000 miles and the guy wants 9950 for that a reasonalbe price?
  3. If you had the chance to pick up a 2001 grand prix gtp 4dr sedan, that was red, black leather interior, HUD, and brand new tires that was in mint condition with only 43000 miles on it for 12000 dollars would you do it? I have the chance to, and just got a second job so i'm thinkin about buying it to go along with my s10...
  4. 18incholdz

    Sold my car

    it's a 98 s10 extended cab with the stepside box....and it's red
  5. 18incholdz

    Sold my car

    I finally sold my car I got 2250 for it...It's a sad day to see the cutlass go, but now i get to do stuff to my truck!
  6. i'll sell you my 18X8 mille miglia spiders w/ 225/40/18 hankook ventus tires for 500....the tires were only on for a month
  7. yesterday i bought a 1998 chevrolet's red(the only way to go), extended cab w/ 3rd door, flareside box, has the mag wheels on it, and it has a 2200 sfi motor, standard....So i guess i'm done w/ the cutlass and i'm tryin' to sell it....I'm gonna miss my cutty cuz it was my first car, but i fell in love w/ this truck the first time i drove it
  8. 18incholdz


    Will 18x8 inch rims w/ a 5x115 bolt pattern from my cutlass fit on a 98 s10?
  9. i already have a stereo that is loud as hell..but i meant get the fiberglass enclosure and do shit like that...and i'm not doing a 3.4 turbo because i would rather have spend my money buying a 3800 than a 3.4....i dont so much care about the sleeper look, i want the flames to make it stand out amongst the crowd, something where people will look and go.."wow"...and i'm getting the installation free because my friend knows a mechanic who will let me use his garage if my friend and i do the swap...
  10. allright, this winter i am taking out a 10,000 dollar loan so i can do shit to my car....The three things that i am definetly going to do is put the 3800 s/c in my car, and since i dont have to pay for installation that should only cost me about 2 grand...2nd I am going to put the coilovers in the rear of my car and lower the front of it..that should be about 6-800 bucks, and 3rd i am taking to get ghost flames put on the front, have the turn signals on the fenders shaved, and have the antenna shaved...that should about 1200 that leaves me with 6000 dollars to play with...should i build up the motor, do interior and stereo work? or what else could i do to a 95 olds cutlass supreme????
  11. fort plain new york
  12. 18incholdz

    New stereo

    i spent close to 2000 on my stereo, and i think it was money well spent... I got 2 jbl 1200.1's..2 infinty Perfect VQ's (tunable subs) and they kick ass...and i got jbl gto 6x9's... that sytem fuckin pounds...
  13. In my opinion i think that both of those cars look awesome...especially the green one....but hey, we all have our own opinions and if it weren't for them life wouldnt be as fun
  14. yeah i'm selling my 95 cutlass supreme sl....New red w/ orange pearl paintjob, 18" rims w/ new hankook Ventus HRII's, custom dual exhaust, intake, sony xplod cdxm630 cd player, infinity kappa components, jbl gto 6x9's, new brakes and rotors all the way around, new struts, and 148000 miles..i'm asking 4500 or best offer.... And i think i'm going to get a corrado over the winter and do some major engine work before i bring it out next summer
  15. Ok to start off i'm selling my car because i want something different to play around with...first off i wanted to sell it and buy a GTP(1997-2000) and then i got to thinking that I would really like a Volkswagon Corrado VR6...I found a Corrado in the want ad for 7500 dollars and it has 70,000 miles on it....I havent sold my car yet, but when i do i'm not sure which car i should get..Both cars are fast, look great, and i like them...what should i do? I need opinions
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