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  1. Does anyone on the forum make repro window stickers? PHS doesn't seem to go this new, and GM media.archjves only does invoices. I was hoping someone here reproduced them. With other rare vehicles I've owned, a TTA and a Typhoon, forum members made them. I was hoping the same happened here
  2. I searched before I posted, but I only found a vague reference to someone getting a $1500 quote. I pulled the trigger on the cloth ones, they were $200 delivered and I'll see what the upholstery guy says. If it's not outrageous, I'll get them fixed up and sell my leather interior to recoup some of the cost.
  3. By save my money, are you saying it will be costly? Or I should just have the ones I currently have recovered? I have some other car friends that highly recommend a local upholstery place, and I know of at least one other. I just have never had this kind of work done.
  4. Has anyone had their seats recovered? Was it outrageously expensive? My driver's seat has a rip in the leather, and I haven't had much luck finding a good replacement. Plus, I prefer the cloth seats. I found a set of rear cloth seats a while back for cheap, so I got them. I've now found a set of cloth fronts, but at least some, if not all, of the driver's seat needs recovered. I just don't want to buy them if it's going to.cost me what the car is worth to get them recovered
  5. I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking for a set of tan cloth front seats for a TGP in good to very good condition. The power ones with all the bolsters. I would also be mildly interested in a good condition leather driver's seat if a cloth set doesn't come up
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