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  1. I've called every junk yard within 100 miles and no luck. Seeking a charcoal interior drivers side door card for an 02 GTP coupe. The clips on are mostly all broken on mine. Thanks for any leads in advance.
  2. Let me know where and when and I'll be there. If I can do anything to help or plan, just ask.
  3. me impressed! Can't wait to see the finished product and I hope you post more of your work. Would you be interested in doing mine? Could the stock driving lights be customized to match with halos?
  4. That would be great...thanks!
  5. Nice to meet you carkhz...I live in Fargo, home of very few wbody
  6. Has anyone had any experience with having custom headlights built? I'm currently using Spyder CCFL Halos with Hids...they look OK but they're built so cheap and the actual light to the road isn't great. I've found a few companies that do retrofits online but who to trust for quality work? If anyone has any recommendations or input I sure would appreciate the feedback before I roll the dice. Thanks!
  7. Hello happened and my GTP spent 2 years in the garage with a smoked trans and a small knock in the motor. I recently aquired a 98 Regal GS, a real found on a farm story, from the original owner with a nicely modded motor and a built trans with 70k and 20k miles. The body and suspension were more or less gone from salty MN winter roads and miles of gravel every day...sad really as it's my favorite wbody 4dr. In the end, his wife wanted it gone and I was the first to call... $700 and I drove it home. Bought a few lotto tickets the same day because I never get that! With renewed interest, I've decided to do the car right over the next 3 years with my son and it'll be his first car...lucky little sh*t. But it does my heart good to see him getting into cars at his age considering some of the alternatives these days. Anyway, I plan on being an active contributing member here and I'm looking forward to getting to know some new people with outstanding taste in cars!
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