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  1. Arghhhhh.... There was an NOS front moulding (in white) on Ebay awhile back. I don't think it sold so maybe you can still dig it up. Don't worry about the one you sent me. When I get done with it it will look NOS. I'm even going to take that little ding out in the stainless piece.
  2. I got a much needed care package over the holiday from jiggity76. It contained a moulding I was missing to complete the exterior of my car. Thanks man!
  3. Delam is delam whether it's the clearcoat or the basecoat. Whichever it is the only fix is to strip and repaint. Keep in mind that it must be stripped, not feathered out, or you will end up with the same nightmare I had when the shop I used did that and the car needed to be re-stripped and repainted again.
  4. I sure could use that skinny quarter moulding just above the rear bumper cover.
  5. As the title states. These are the 2 little rubber stops that are visible when you open the fuel door. Last known part number is 20349879 but I am sure it has been superseded many times by GM as well as used on every 4 door W body. PM me if you have something. Thanks
  6. Yeah, I saw the red ones. I don't do Facebook.
  7. I have one already. I just haven't got to the front end yet. I'm working my way around the car and doing the front last because it will be the most time consuming.
  8. I come up with 10183404 but it says "order by color"
  9. There isn't one on the part. I have a couple of parts books that I might be able to get a number from. The problem might be that the books aren't always specific on color.
  10. Looking for 1 "STE Turbo" door nameplate in white. Looking for NOS but would take a very nice used one. If used it must be nicer than what I already have. PM me with what you have as well as price. Photos will be necessary unless NOS. Thanks
  11. Well, I finally did it but messed up and put it here > A Mod can move it if they want or I can post a second one in the other section.
  12. Way too many irons in the fire and way too many cars in the shop. When it's done my plan is to enjoy it for awhile, take it to a few shows, perhaps the POCI Nationals in Gettysburg, PA and the Pontiac Tri-Power Nationals in Norwalk, OH. After that it may become available and perhaps even go to a collector car auction.
  13. Finally back at it. Been working on it for the past 2 weeks now. Progress is very slow but steady and nice. Will take some pictures when I get a chance. I must say, it's looking pretty good. NOS parts definitely make a difference.
  14. Thanks Not my first rodeo restoring an old car even though this is more of a preservation than a restoration.
  15. Next week is the Pontiac Nats in Norwalk, Ohio. After that I'll be back on this and hopefully will have more time to deal with photos and such.
  16. Well? How did you make out? I hope you are taking the cars too. Great meeting you.
  17. I just got off the phone with him and told him to PM you. He also said that it was okay to give you his number. So, you have a PM coming.
  18. Hero? Sometimes I prefer to call it "Gullible idiot".
  19. Yeah, I'm buying that big red thing in the background. Don't ask me why. I tend to have my "WTF am I doing" moments.
  20. I know he still has the cars and parts. I will be seeing him tomorrow about another vehicle. I will tell him you are interested. You can also check Buffalo Craigslist. I saw the DOHC listed in the parts section so you can probably get ahold of him that way too. He is leaving Wednesday for good as far as I know. You can also PM me your number and I can pass it on to him.
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