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  1. Disassemble Clean with a tooth brush and good cleaner (I use a really good commercial glass cleaner) Polish with a good polishing (not rubbing) compound (I use 3M Perfect-It products) Brush touch if necessary Wax Reassemble and install An FYI: I have found that the ones with a angle to them (very front and very rear) tend to be difficult to remove the stainless strip and even harder to reinstall. What I do is to grind about 1/32" - 1/16" off the pointed end as well as file the edges smooth. The trim goes in like butter then.
  2. Yeah, unfortunately the flash went off so the picture isn't the greatest but trust me, it looks great on there. After all these years, no more exposed holes in the quarter panel. THANKS MAN!
  3. My car has been missing this piece for as long as I and the guy before me have owned it. But today I got a "care package" in the mail from jiggity76 and inside was the moulding I have been missing and it is in WHITE. With about 20 minutes of my time disassembling and polishing, it's as close to NOS as a used piece is going to get. Now, a missing key piece to the car is in place.......
  4. Thanks MM. Signatures don't always reflect what is currently going on nor does one search all over a page of text when they are reading the main body of an ad.
  5. Hmmm....... I own quite a fleet of collector vehicles. Your attitude don't sound like you are trying too hard to sell. If I get time, I'll "Google it".
  6. What year? 1996? Exactly how old (days? weeks? months? years?) is the top? I had one done a year and a half ago and it was $1100.00. Far less than the claimed $3500.00. Also, where about is Mebane? I'm familiar with Charlotte, Concord, Mooresville, Lake Norman, etc.
  7. Arghhhhh.... There was an NOS front moulding (in white) on Ebay awhile back. I don't think it sold so maybe you can still dig it up. Don't worry about the one you sent me. When I get done with it it will look NOS. I'm even going to take that little ding out in the stainless piece.
  8. I got a much needed care package over the holiday from jiggity76. It contained a moulding I was missing to complete the exterior of my car. Thanks man!
  9. Delam is delam whether it's the clearcoat or the basecoat. Whichever it is the only fix is to strip and repaint. Keep in mind that it must be stripped, not feathered out, or you will end up with the same nightmare I had when the shop I used did that and the car needed to be re-stripped and repainted again.
  10. I sure could use that skinny quarter moulding just above the rear bumper cover.
  11. As the title states. These are the 2 little rubber stops that are visible when you open the fuel door. Last known part number is 20349879 but I am sure it has been superseded many times by GM as well as used on every 4 door W body. PM me if you have something. Thanks
  12. Yeah, I saw the red ones. I don't do Facebook.
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