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  1. When I had the gp, I ran KYB's. Pretty decent ride, had new tires on it as well. Never messed with the springs though
  2. Leaking valve cover, maybe exhaust leak. Don't blast water onto your engine if you dont know what you're doing. You'll end up with a smelly car that doesn't turn on. Like my old dodge. seriously f that car
  3. you did bro. post some of the front, and engine. any mods on it?
  4. Post pics of your '02 GP
  5. Comp G looks good man. That price is a steal. I need to find me one of those
  6. Yeah those were long games, but hey they won. So its all good the dirty south
  7. Pass on the snow. Houston? How about them Astros bro
  8. Start modding your GP -- it'll put a smile on your face.
  9. Austin? Nice. Hows everyone holding up w the weather
  10. Whats up. Checking in from Texas!
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