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  1. I'll agree with this. I had an STS with the 300hp N*. The car was a slouch out of the hole but it pulled good up top and it sounded absolutely great. But my GP has basically the same mods Digital listed. Plog, 3" dp, 1.9 rockers, mail order tune. Only exception is I have smaller 3.4" pulley since it's a factory blower car and has lower comp, and I'm certain the GP would outrun the STS. IMO the ONLY plus of a N* powered car is you get a 4T80 instead of a 4T65 with a 3800. However, I don't think the benefit of an 80 outweighs having the downfall of a N*. The only way I think a N* car would be worth the while is if the body is in good shape and it's already got blown headgaskets so you can get it for cheap and stud it. Other than that I don't think I'll ever screw with one again.
  2. Wellllll I forget if I don't text you lol
  3. Location is McCook Lake SD 57049. None of the items listed include shipping or Paypal fees. I'd prefer whoever buys stuff to not gift it, and pay the 3% fee. Easier for everyone that way. Drivetrain stuff: Up first is the Stattama kit: $2200+shipping This came off Alex's purple car. (Purpletraitor). This kit took Andrew's (owner before Alex) car low 10's @ 135 mph. Front/rear plogs. Stattama crossover, downpipe. Stattama T67 turbo. I believe the cold side is an eBay setup. Tial WG, Stattama BOV, manual boost controller. Oil feed line/fittings are new. Should be pretty much everything you need. Not splitting this up. All or nothing. Should work in pretty much any 3800 Wbody car. Those of you that don't know the car I'm talking about, see here. Ported NA heads: $450+shipping I have more pics if someone wants to see. Ported by Bulldog Racing Engines in Kingsville/Lee's Summit MO. They're equivalent to a stage 3 port. Was going to use them for a turbo setup. 130# springs, LS1 blank valves. These valves will need either shorter length pushrods or ZZP's head rocker shims. Or replace the valves. These heads were Derek Walters way back. He believes they have titanium retainers but can't remember for sure. Thrasher .574/.566 cam: SOLD! M90 block off plate: $20+shipping Bought used some time ago and never used it. Was going to use it for a turbo setup but ended up buying NA heads(the ones listed above^^^) and stuff for the turbo setup so I don't need this. Built 97-02 GTP trans: $750+shipping SOLD! Came out of a 40K mile car. Was tore down and inspected. Trans guy said the clutches looked brand new still so they were not replaced. 300m input shaft. Hardened 4th. 7/8" chainset. o2 extension harness. $10+shipping 18" end to end. Never been used. Could probably fit it in an envelope. Solid Dorman front bar(927100) They're $72+shipping new. Asking $35+shipping Fbody Calipers. $70+shipping Brand new remans. One left(15FR583) and one right(15FR582) They're about $130+shipping new. White 2003 Limited Edition spoiler. Has some damage shown. $80+shipping 40th Anni and Daytona 500 Spoilers. $80+shipping for either one Both in decent shape. Have minor scratches you would expect for cars of this age. Both have a TINY bit of indents along the bottom from me pulling them off. Nothing I would ever worry about. In good shape otherwise. Alpine PDX4.100: $200+shipping Rated at 100RMS per channel. Birth sheet showed higher, I want to say it was 112RMS but I'd have to find the sheet to verify that. In decent shape, has a scratch on the top. Was over $400 new. Alpine PDX1.1000 $275+shipping Rated at 1000RMS bridged. Birth sheet showed over 1100RMS. Was $750ish new. TheRetrofitSource 9007 HID kit: $80+shipping 35 watt ballasts. 4300K bulbs. Harness and all. They're $150+shipping new. Questions? Concerns? Let me know. Thanks for looking. Buy this stuff so I can get a C5!
  4. Not sure. It was only available in 97 and 98 of this body style
  5. I’m not sure what a window sticker would say. All I know is if I get paint under the factory paint code it comes up as Dark Mulberry wether it’s PPG/Omni
  6. Haha you said this same crap on GPF. Maybe you're right. Maybe I should just bandaid the rockers the best I can and cage it and say screw it. What about those towers though?
  7. Not sure if that's directed toward me but mine is definitely Dark Mulberry. Paint code is U326D. Nope, I still have it. Trying to decide if I want to keep it and still turbo the car or just keep trying to sell it and be done with it. Hey there, I remember your SN from GPF.
  8. Thank you, it's seen better days. SD/IA winters are harsh on rockers. It was on a set of homeade adjustable coilovers in that pic. It's stock height now. I had a full set of Bilsteins I was going to run but plans changed(rust taking its tole lol) Ohhh okay. I gotcha
  9. That I don't know, didn't see that name in the member list.
  10. That's part of the reason I got the car, I loved the purple lol. And at the time when I bought the car I was 16 and thought a supercharged 3800 was like the coolest thing haha. Still have the car 7 1/2 years later. Yes it is, 2199 in 97. Not sure how many were GTP's. Never was able to figure that out on Compnine.
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