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  1. I would replace it while its off, but that's just me. For as little as they cost I'd just replace the F&R cover gaskets AND the bolt grommets. Then just tell the new owner that you replaced them so there would be no oil leaks. Fel-Pros are like $20 for a set of cover gaskets and the grommets are around $12 from Mahle. Never tried reinstalling a used gasket on these. Since you have to pull the alt. bracket to get the rear cover off the new owner would have to replace the coolant elbows again too. If I was looking to buy this motor and swap it in with no issues I'd be kinda pissed if I had to do all that because the rear cover was leaking oil all over the place. Just my .02 though...
  2. As long as it ran fine I'd not worry about it. What I would do is replace the cover and make sure there is no debris in the head/valvetrain while its off. Don't want to plug up an oil passage somewhere. A used cover from a JY would be cheap and would likely be just as dirty so it wouldn't have one clean one and one dirty one on it. Heck, I probably have a rear cover here if you need it.
  3. Had this issue on my 00 GT and my brothers 01 GT. I followed the procedure below and haven't burnt one down yet, and I replaced mine probably 2-3 years ago now. Just take your time getting the plastic retainers out that separate the O-rings. It can be frustrating and you don't want to bend the nylon line around too hard. I just kinda layed on top of the motor so I could see under it to minimize the height I had to pull the lines up to.
  4. Maybe check with They seem to have a broad selection of OEM stuff.
  5. That turned out really nice! Ever try claybarring it beforehand? And who cares about polishing a car w/ hail dents. I polish my 95 Bonneville even though most of the clear is gone on the hood, roof and spoiler. Still makes it look tons better. I really want to get a DA buffer so I can really get a good shine on my cars and save my arms/hands the torture.
  6. Dang, that crease in the back looks kinda deep. Wonder if the roof braces stopped it or they got bent too. You going to pull the headliner out and beat the rest of it out or just slap new glass in and rock the dents?
  7. Need better pics of the roof, preferably w/o the shed sitting on it to see how bad it really is.
  8. There is no direct swap/harness conversion to go to dual zone HVAC. Totally different animal.
  9. It will likely pop up a message on the display and you won't have any steering assist, but it should be the same otherwise from what I recall.
  10. What brand of wheel bearing did you install? Did you torque it to spec? Are the brake pins lubed up properly? Also, if the front brake hoses have never been replaced now would be the time as they may be collapsing and not letting the fluid return causing the calipers to drag a bit. Check the brake dust plate and make sure it's not near the rotor too. It can drag on the rotor as well just enough to make noise. Beyond that I'd be saving up for an entire front end rebuild. Get new control arms so they come with new ball joints and bushings ready to go. Tie rods too. Then go get it aligned so you don't eat up the tires.
  11. Look for GXP seats. Those shouldn't have the perforations that the GTP's had. I know mine don't. I also like the suede insert on them in the middle. I don't think they look bad in my 00 GT with graphite interior even though they are a darker color. At this point anything was better than my stock cloth seats with a bajillion miles on them.
  12. You should be able to get the rear ones out after you remove the brake caliper. Just pop it out with a BFH. Just make sure you don't mushroom the end too much or it will get hung up. Couple nice straight shots should work. For reinstall I'd recommend getting this --> I used to install studs using one of the lugnuts and just pulling the new stud through, but sometimes it would damage the lugnut. This tool makes sure it slips in good and straight. Used it several time over and never had an issue. Even worked on my buddies 99 F350.
  13. Yea, sucks having to "adult" but sounds like you made a good choice for your situation. This just gives you more time to do research and ask questions so that as you save up money and aquire parts then you will be ready to go. I've been saving and scouring for parts for over 4 years for my GT due to other more important things taking funds. I'm finally 3 pieces away and may actually get it done this year if I budget hard enough. If not, then I just wait a bit longer. Although I would like to get it done before the rockers let go, lol...
  14. Once I have the money, this is the only place I'm going to get mine from--> Will be the best headlights this car has ever had.
  15. Yea, that has been debated. When I did my trans replacement on my 00 GT I filled it up with Dex VI. It's still living after 150K miles. Didn't notice any weird junk in the pan when I installed my trans-go kit and did a pan drop/filter change over the winter. No shifting issues either. It either shifts fine or if it's slipping then it's already on the way out. Run the Dex VI and call it a day. Just don't flush the trans. or you will likely be replacing it shortly. And FYI, the last time I used Valvoline trans fluid it came out already smelling burnt, lol... Not sure if they have changed it since then.
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