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  1. goldcamj

    ATF smell.....Valvoline MaxLife????

    That's interesting, and basically describes how I feel about it (was sure it was leaking, but no evidence of any leak) Maybe I'll give it a while to see what happens. I can live with the smell for a little while, especially since winter is on the way and the trans temps are running lower (and therefore less smelly). The trans is definitely filled to the appropriate level. I've checked several times (hot, level, etc.).
  2. goldcamj

    ATF smell.....Valvoline MaxLife????

    1. Right. I don't know if my gauge is accurate, but the temps now are in the same range as they have been since ten years ago. So, that suggests that the source of the smell is likely not "cooking" the trans, but rather the change to the different fluid. 2. Oops...I've been saying "Dextron" my whole life. Funny how that works. 3. Those are all good choices....well, except C. I thought about running a tube over to the passenger side of the engine compartment, since the HVAC intake is right over the top of the driver's side where the smell seems to be originating.
  3. goldcamj

    ATF smell.....Valvoline MaxLife????

    Thanks, guys. I was leaning towards Dex III. I put Dex VI in my other grand prix ('04 GT) several years ago with no regrets, but it really didn't have any symptoms of any problems (still doesn't).
  4. goldcamj

    ATF smell.....Valvoline MaxLife????

    That sounds like a plan that I will probably be taking. Good to know I'm not the only one. Does anyone have any thoughts on which fluid to use? I've read that Dex VI has a lower viscosity than Dex III. If my not-yet-proven assumption that my "bang into gear" issue is caused by a wearing out input piston seal (see tripleedgeperformance link on original post), I would think that lower viscosity fluid would not help that issue (again, not knowing for sure that's what it is). Maybe a Dex III compatible variant is a better choice? Thanks for all the input!
  5. goldcamj

    ATF smell.....Valvoline MaxLife????

    As I alluded to early, here is an example someone else who noticed similar issues with MaxLife. Also, similar, is that these stories seem to be in the minority, so I'm not sure what to make of it:
  6. goldcamj

    ATF smell.....Valvoline MaxLife????

    The DIC (Driver Information Center) on the dash in the car has a transmission fluid temp gauge. In the summer, it can get up to 200-210F. Usually, when running at temp, it is ambient outside temp + 100-110 F. This is pretty much "normal", at least in my 10 years of owning the car. I never noticed any smell until I changed the fluid to MaxLife.
  7. My 04 GTP (124K mi) gave me a few bangs into gear from a stop when cold (maybe because of this: just guessing at this point), so I figured I would change the transmission fluid and filter. I dropped the pan, replaced the filter, installed the TransGo shift kit while I was in there, and then filled it with Valvoline MaxLife ATF, since it seems people online were recommending it for older transmissions. So far, the transmission seems to be doing better. There has only been one recurrence of the "bang" issue. That being said, man, does this thing stink when it gets warmed up now. The smell of ATF is very strong after the transmission fluid gets up to about 150F or so. At first, I thought that I had just spilled some fluid when doing the pan drop/re-fill and that it would burn off. It hasn't. I've crawled under and leaks to be found, and no fluid residue from the change. It's been about a month. Here's my best guess....let me know if you have any insight: I think that it is the Valvoline MaxLife fluid that is the issue. I noticed when putting it in that it smells a bit stronger than your usual ATF like Dextron. The smell seems stronger on the top of the transmission, right around where the vent tube is. I am guessing that the smell is so strong from this fluid when it is hot, that just the little bit of vapors that escape from the vent tube are really creating a noticeable smell. Has anyone else used MaxLife and had a similar experience? I've searched online and found some similar stories, but none with a 4T65-E that I can remember. Also, there were plenty of responses in those stories that made it seem like MaxLife doesn't normally smell bad in most applications. Is it possible that the vent isn't working right? I thought the only way for it to malfunction is for it to get clogged, which I doubt it is. Can it be "too open"? Barring any other insight, I'll probably drain the fluid and put Dextron back in to see if it makes a difference. Thanks for reading.
  8. goldcamj

    06 GXP trans leak

    Maybe this:
  9. goldcamj


    A few years ago, I bought a Delco front brake caliper from Rockauto. When I tried to install it, the threads didn't match those of the factory banjo bolt, and no other parts store/dealer could find any other banjo bolt that would match it. Otherwise, the caliper looked identical to the original one. They took it back without issue (although I guess it never made it to "installed", anyway).
  10. goldcamj

    Looked at a 2004 GTP

    I've got two 2004 GPs, both of which have spent most of their lives outside. Neither has any clearcoat pealing problems in the slightest (and in general they look pretty good, minus the usual rock chips and door dings from 15 years of use). This one sounds like it wasn't taken care of at all.
  11. goldcamj

    On to my third forum

    Thanks for the welcome. I can't remember how I ended up at GPONA, but I liked it there. It definitely wasn't as popular as GPF, but there were always helpful people, and I always found the answers I was looking for. Plus, they had the link to the GM service manual. I don't think it's been gone for two years yet, has it?
  12. Like all the new people, I'm here since GPF disappeared. Truth be told, I joined GPF after GPONA died. I've got two 2004 Grand Prixs: one a polo green GTP CompG and the other a black GT. My wife and I are the original owners of the GT, and I bought the GTP from my brother (he was the original owner) in 2008. Back in my younger days, I used to frequently drive my dad's '92 Cutlass Supreme with the DOHC 3.4L; back then, that car seemed fast, and I loved the look of those Cutlasses. My main goals are to keep them running. They are both in what I consider good-great shape (GTP has 120K miles, GT has 148K miles), although the GTP had a run-in with a deer several years ago (back when insurance thought it was still worthwhile to pay to fix it). I'd consider myself an advanced amateur: I can fix most things that don't require removing the power-train, although I've often depended on the forums (first GPONA, then GPF, now here) for advice and write-ups. Anyway, thanks for having me. -Mike