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  1. I live in northeast USA (New England) and rust kills cars here too. Check your strut towers & brake/fuel lines for rust, those are other weak spots.
  2. Welcome, Friend. How many miles or kms ? How is she holding up ?
  3. Evaporators live somewhere between the radio and firewall, often coupled with the heater core.
  4. Has it been professionally aligned since the new parts ? Are your tires properly inflated ? All roads are pitched for drainage, so having a laser straight steering wheel is an unrealistic expectation ...imho.
  5. Any time you open an A/C you should replace the accumulator/drier. Add more refrigerant oil, and make sure it holds a vacuum before recharging. Loads of vids on YouTube........helped me get thru my first ever condenser swap on our 05 GP.
  6. That's .... just ....EVIL ...
  7. *Fellow Member of Sausage Finger Community*
  8. Maybe I should just shut up and "Know my ROLE" ?
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