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  1. KnightOwl

    Calling all sunroof/moonroof owners!

    No problems with any one of my moonroof cars. Sorry I'm no help but that is a mighty sharp GTP you have there!
  2. KnightOwl

    September 2018 Meet Planning

    I gotta get out to one of these things or the GM Nats at Carlisle but either way, gotta get the car road-trip worthy.
  3. KnightOwl

    Gypsy's custom headlights build

    Tried to get back to work on the lights today but I’m struggling with fabricating the mounting brackets. That and it’s 100 degrees in the garage so not exactly ideal conditions. Not very productive today I’ll get there[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. KnightOwl

    F Body Brake Upgrade

    The Monte SS kit doesnt require a new caliper bracket for the front?
  5. KnightOwl

    Newb checking in

    Amazing car! I didnt even know McLaren STEs even existed...but 1 of 996? Talk about a rolling museum piece!!
  6. KnightOwl

    Old TGP owner, new member

    Back from the dark corners...looking forward to this
  7. KnightOwl

    New member, GXP owner

    Slick looking for sure (I'm so jealous!) LOL
  8. KnightOwl

    "Flush mount" dash kits for a '96 Grand Prix?

    The Sony digital head unit fit right into the hole in my 2002 GP with no dash cutting required. Not sure how much different the size is on the 96 but if its close it could work. I was afraid major surgery would be required but the shallow depth saved the day.
  9. KnightOwl

    New member.

    Welcome to the board and that is one nice ride you found. Actually I'd call it pristine given the age (we've seen them much worse off) Each GM engine has an alpha-numeric code (L82, LQ1, L36, L67, etc) 3100 is the engine displacement (or 3.1 liter) all good to know when you need to locate parts or do other maintenance. You can browse the other sections of the board and answer a lot of question by just reading or you can use the search feature. Either way, pick your question/topic and fire away. Chances are, whatever you may have going wrong, four other people have already had the same problem. Congrats on finding a great ride and many happy miles!
  10. KnightOwl

    Gypsy's custom headlights build

    Now that I have a soldering iron and most of the other parts I need I hope to get busy on fabricating the first light housing this week. I'm off Monday and Tuesday so we'll see how much progress I make!
  11. KnightOwl

    ABS and TRAC OFF lights came on

    I'm still getting the light occasionally and also I can feel the ABS engaging at low speeds or in parking lots...although the ABS light doesnt come on, but sometimes the "low trac" light does...weird. I agree its probably a bad wheel sensor/hub but I swear I hate to pull it all apart and not upgrade the brakes while I've got it in pieces. Thank you mod bug
  12. KnightOwl

    Gypsy's custom headlights build

    Thats what I tried to do on the original one and it broke
  13. KnightOwl

    Gypsy's custom headlights build

    Thank goodness for eBay! I picked up a pair of these pigtail adapters and they are on the way! A little soldering will most likely be in order to provide good wire splicing but that I can do!
  14. KnightOwl

    Gypsy's custom headlights build

    I have hit another snag that I’m not sure how to resolve. This red wire came out of its plug. I tried to remove the plug to re-attach the wire but the connector broke. I think the blue plug is a piece that comes with the aftermarket lights and no clue where to get a new pigtail. Is there a stock plug on the car I can rob or do I need to start scouring the web for a solution. I am wide open for suggestions. I wanted to keep the stock harness connections on the car in case the lights don’t work well I can easily switch back to stock. Ideas?[emoji30] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. KnightOwl

    Gypsy's custom headlights build

    I am struggling a bit on the best way to anchor the lights in the plastic rings. The lights have two small set screws on the housing to attach the supplied brackets but they are made for pedestal type mounting. I need some manner of collar,( like maybe a pvc pipe reducer?) that can attach on the back and hold against the plastic rings. UPDATE, I grabbed some 2 inch pvc pipe collars at Home Depot i think I can cut into brackets. A little bandsaw work is in order but we'll see how this goes