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  1. I always loved that last gen "rocket" badge as you pictured from the Intrigue or Alero
  2. I have a ZZP Powerlog front manifold and HV3 insert still new in the box. Never installed (thats what new in the box means) LOL Anyways, no more 3800s here to mod so how about $125 for both and some free shipping? Merry Christmas yourself early this year!
  3. Let's just save all the negotiating...bottom dollar I'll cut it loose for is $3600
  4. I have decided to sell the Grand Prix in favor of getting another convertible. The car is a 2002 GT, white w/ gray leather interior. It has 73k original miles and is garage kept. This is essentially a rust free car. You can still find tiny traces of surface rust on spots of the under carriage but no holes, dimples or bubbling paint. It has a heated driver seat (never seen that before) dual zone a/c, sunroof and L36 power...still stock. Since I purchased the car last year I have added the 2.5 stainless DP w/hi-flow cat, ZZP stainless resonator and Cherry Bomb turbos w/stainless staggered dual tips. Both front hubs have been replaced w/100k mile dual-bearing units. I have added LED smoke taillight units, an aluminum airbox w/glass lid and cone filter, plus a Sony AX100 media touch screen head unit w/Apple CarPlay and Android capability. Regular oil changes with full synthetic and K&N gold filters. I also have a new ZZP Powerlog and HV3 insert still new in the box I will include with sale. It also has the ZZP aluminum deep finned trans pan with drain plug which was installed at trans fluid change this past summer. Fog lights have been replaced with full LED units keeping the stock plugs. I have mounted a new set of Westlake 225/60R-16s on the factory polished Torque Stars which I will be installing to keep the 18s currently on the car. If the buyer wishes, I will remove the hood scoops and hood decal. The spoiler and roof rails will stay in place. My asking price is $4995 (which is what I paid for the car at purchase) and I've only driven it about 3-4K miles since then. With all I've added that seems a fair place to start. Please do not bother low- balling offers at half the asking price. Cash or no it wont matter, I simply wont sell it that cheap. I also dont do financing of any kind. Thats up to you and your bank. No partial payments. First full agreed offer takes it. PM me for info or offers. original condition at purchase Tail lights and spoiler Staggered exhaust tips
  5. No problems with any one of my moonroof cars. Sorry I'm no help but that is a mighty sharp GTP you have there!
  6. I gotta get out to one of these things or the GM Nats at Carlisle but either way, gotta get the car road-trip worthy.
  7. Tried to get back to work on the lights today but I’m struggling with fabricating the mounting brackets. That and it’s 100 degrees in the garage so not exactly ideal conditions. Not very productive today I’ll get there[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The Monte SS kit doesnt require a new caliper bracket for the front?
  9. Amazing car! I didnt even know McLaren STEs even existed...but 1 of 996? Talk about a rolling museum piece!!
  10. Back from the dark corners...looking forward to this
  11. Slick looking for sure (I'm so jealous!) LOL
  12. The Sony digital head unit fit right into the hole in my 2002 GP with no dash cutting required. Not sure how much different the size is on the 96 but if its close it could work. I was afraid major surgery would be required but the shallow depth saved the day.
  13. Welcome to the board and that is one nice ride you found. Actually I'd call it pristine given the age (we've seen them much worse off) Each GM engine has an alpha-numeric code (L82, LQ1, L36, L67, etc) 3100 is the engine displacement (or 3.1 liter) all good to know when you need to locate parts or do other maintenance. You can browse the other sections of the board and answer a lot of question by just reading or you can use the search feature. Either way, pick your question/topic and fire away. Chances are, whatever you may have going wrong, four other people have already had the same problem. Congrats on finding a great ride and many happy miles!
  14. Now that I have a soldering iron and most of the other parts I need I hope to get busy on fabricating the first light housing this week. I'm off Monday and Tuesday so we'll see how much progress I make!
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