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  1. Nooooo!!!!! You'd better hang around the forums man! Whoever buys this is gonna get one clean gp. Good luck on the sale!
  2. Lol yeah... I've heard the space is a big concern. They're big engines. Reminds me of Nissan's dohc.
  3. Agreed. Just did the same to my wife's Aztek 3.4 at 172,000 and the rings are still good! If you really want, you could remove the heads and do a valve job (exhaust valves are very prone to pitting on these engines), but on a mileage that low, I wouldn't bother. Mine was leaking out the oil pan, valve covers, and oil pump drive shaft thing. Having tore down a few of these engines though, if you have to do the heads and oil pan, it's better just to remove the whole engine if you have the tools. Also, doing lower intake is a good idea and there's plenty of components you can replace as a preventative measure like water pump etc. Good luck! Edit: LOL forgot about the dohc 3.4 (noob mistake), so I'm referencing a different engine, but the other advice is still relevant.
  4. lol you can always use a big screwdriver to break the housings at the junkyard and they fall right out. They're not glued in or anything. Then the're small enough to "pocket"
  5. You're probably on to something there. You could tie them together, run a ground, and place diodes to keep them from back feeding. I'm still playing around with that stuff myself
  6. Well.... if you're cheap like me and use ebay/China leds, they do indeed break when reversed! lol The relays are definitely a good idea though! I'm still making up my mind on what I want to do. For now, I wired them just for parking.
  7. Probably a good idea! As far as the temp, I usually just leave them a minute or two longer, try to pry (gently), if it doesn't work, pry again, if it doesn't work, stick it back in for a few minutes again, and keep doing that. You shouldn't need that much to get them off though. Best thing to use is "retro-rubber" which is basically butyl rubber. You can buy it online and in some auto stores. Think it's the same thing used to seal windshields. Just make sure you heat them up once apart and "scrape" out the old rubber. Let me know what you find for sealing the rear. I'm still dealing with that since my projector protrudes out the back a slight bit...
  8. Awesome start by the way! Glad to see others following in the same path! You can use a load resistor to slow down the blink, but I ended up opting to get a different relay to solve. I used this link on grand prix forums: I think the side markers are just a 194 if I recall. most any work, but you have to get the polarity right. I'll have to look up the schematics, but I remember that stock, these side markers actually pass current both directions which potentially could fry the led. I'll get back to you on that though. Strange on the rubber, usually 270 for 7 works every time for me unless it's oem. You should definitely be able to glue that back or might look into plastic welding. that saved my rear and works really well! I think $15 at harbor freight. Can't wait to see progress!
  9. As long as you have the same resistance, it should preform the same from what I can tell. You can always make it with longer wire to get more smoke!
  10. I came across the same observations and I agree, I'll have to put a note in the guide when I switch to the propane regulator. I think air tool would be great if you use a different container like a pressure cooker or something. And yes, mineral oil works waaay better. You can find it at any cvs or Walgreens. Good luck!
  11. I'll have to figure something out... That, and it's getting so hot here that the rubber is re-melting and the only screw points are in the front not towards the back and sides....
  12. That might work, but will pvc bond with polypropylene?
  13. Has nothing to do with years. Some gtps came with the black seats with white stitching and solid headrests instead of gray, but they're perforated and don't look like real leather. I plan on dying the grey to black and keeping the stock seats. I'll eventually post on that.
  14. Bingo! Strangely enough, that's the "stock" led wiring. Now I just have to figure out how to seal the back part of the headlight. Stock one is a rubber piece, but the projector is so much bigger, it sticks out the back....
  15. That's more like it! For some reason, they didn't like being in series, only parallel... strange. Diodes shouldn't have any issue, but ok! Now I just need to figure out how to seal the back by the bulb...
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