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  1. jmjp5055

    1994 vert. LED Light conversion

    The led is on full brightness but the radio, heat control , steering wheel & headlight switch is barley noticed until I dim then a nice dash display put the baby to sleep
  2. jmjp5055

    1994 vert. LED Light conversion

    I’ll try should be able to post here
  3. jmjp5055

    Junk Yard Thread, Never ending

    Sweet and getting rarer
  4. jmjp5055

    1994 vert. LED Light conversion

    I have the dimmer all the way up they dim nicely
  5. jmjp5055

    1994 vert. LED Light conversion

    first pic of led’s
  6. jmjp5055

    Bulbs steering wheel

    Woundering if bulbs can be replaced in a 1994 cutlass steering wheel? will have pix of dash led conversion soon mostly plug & play still needs #37 bulbs in gauge cluster LED also worked ashtray ,lighter,glove box, courtesy lighting , map & dome ,shift console & p, r , od, d , low light, also high 3rd brake light, that took a little work & under hood so rar so good parking brake light, air bag,low coolant & low oil
  7. jmjp5055

    Low oil sensor

    Hi i have a question about the low oil level idiot light is there a sensor? if you have a oil pressure guage is there still oil low light? 1994 3.4L Cutlass supreme convertible Thanks for any input jmjp5055
  8. jmjp5055

    LED conversion

    Update changed out high mout brake lights from halogen to led wasn’t that difficult , I’m posting pics, hardest part have to file a 1/2 mm. Notch, on top and bottom of light port, also replaced O rings
  9. jmjp5055

    LED conversion

    Also been seeing the term switch back led not sure what that means
  10. jmjp5055

    LED conversion

    I think I was told the flasher for turn signals needed to be replaced if led is used as the turn signals/flasher do not draw enough power from those bulbs.
  11. jmjp5055

    1994 guage cluster

    I’m at a loss as to how the harness connector on the gauge cluster unplugs? thanks in advance
  12. jmjp5055

    LED conversion

    No wiring involved, changing out the bulbs is easy but getting to some of them you need an engineering degree
  13. jmjp5055

    LED conversion

    Under the hood easy
  14. jmjp5055

    LED conversion

    Was a time working under the dash didn’t require a masters degree in bulb replacement
  15. I am thinking of replacing my 94 cutlass, convertible dash & courtesy Lighting with LED, is it just replacing the old bulbs with new LED, thanks jmjp5055

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    2. GabsOlds


      The original incandescent lights get hot and melt the switches. If your overhead lights don't work, that's usually why. Contact j_mezz and see if he still has some. His thread is pinned at the top of the Convertible sub-forum. 

    3. GabsOlds


      I'm not sure how the dash lights will react when changed to LED. 

    4. jmjp5055


      I pulled a light bar out of a 95 Switch’s aok,have replaced switches in my cutlass found different cars same switch in bone yard 

      have a good day