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  1. The Velcro at the well is sown, upostry shop, too expensive. Got inventive. bought aluminum bar stock, Velcro, measured length needed, also figure the existing screws to utilize the end screws, drilled two more on either side of pass thru Wrap the bar stock , kind of hard because it was the plastic part of the Velcro, clamped it down for a couple days to help form the Velcro around the bar stock. Screwed it in place, worked for me. The pictures hopefully will give you a visual of what l’ve done.
  2. No just replaced original Velcro on the vert not boot. boot velcro like new but Velcro warn or sun damaged on car side also replaced Velcro along frame that holds headliner in place , those plastic clips only hold the boot in place as long as the Velcro is holding the boot down You are right about the boot being difficult to put on, terrible design
  3. I may have a solution my boot which is from a different year always was coming loose well I've changed all Velcro so far everything seems to be locked in place I will post if it it works after a long ride!
  4. Top pic is my 94 Bottom pic is a friends 93
  5. Looking at your olds I’m thinking the fog lights are aftermarket try following the wires. Also that’s a nice looking Cutlass
  6. Here is a picture of the fog light switch of a 1993 Cutlass fog light switch location location is different than mine by any chance I’ve seen some older Cutlass with a lot of switch’s located in the steering wheel??
  7. I’ve asked Oldsmobile club members if anyone has info about the fog lights on a 90. If I get an answer I’ll pass it on
  8. No question is stupid In my 94 there is a switch on left side of dash just below the light switch just left of air conditioning vent this next answer is from owners manual “When using fog lights, parking lights or low beam headlights must be on. The fog lights will go off whenever high beam headlights come on. When high beams go off, the fog lights come on again.” took pictures of my switch location sorry cant be of more help good luck
  9. The led is on full brightness but the radio, heat control , steering wheel & headlight switch is barley noticed until I dim then a nice dash display put the baby to sleep
  10. I’ll try should be able to post here
  11. I have the dimmer all the way up they dim nicely
  12. Woundering if bulbs can be replaced in a 1994 cutlass steering wheel? will have pix of dash led conversion soon mostly plug & play still needs #37 bulbs in gauge cluster LED also worked ashtray ,lighter,glove box, courtesy lighting , map & dome ,shift console & p, r , od, d , low light, also high 3rd brake light, that took a little work & under hood so rar so good parking brake light, air bag,low coolant & low oil
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