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  1. So the odometer in my 1989 Regal coupe is nonfunctional. I knew this when I bought the car. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to have a working one. pulled the instrument cluster out of the dash and I didn't see any obvious issues like a broken wire or stripped out gears from the little motor to the numbers. I wasn't sure how to test if the little electric motor was functional aside from making sure that it spins freely, which it does, as do the numbers on the odometer "wheel". From other posts on here I see that this is a common issue, but I didn't see any posts that actually addressed how to repair it. Does one replace the motor? I googled the numbers on it but nothing that looked similar came up. Is there a part number? Is that the most common fix? Thanks Dan
  2. Yeah. It was the strut. I went with Monroe OESpectrum grade. I know a lot of people don't like Monroe, but I have always had good luck with them, and I didn't go with the Sensa-Track cheapies.... Putting the new one in wasn't bad. I had to center the strut shaft and keep it centered by placing wooden shims in between the wheel well and the spring seat. That was tricky to do solo. I also had to modify the strut tool so it fit over the strut shaft, and even though the 4 prongs on it fit perfectly on the original strut nut, it didn't line up with the holes in the Monroe strut nut, so I had to widen the holes to fit the tool. That was a PITA, but it worked out ok. I was surprised that there wasn't a bumper underneath the metal "cup" that holds the upper strut mount. That part threw me too, because it's not in the YT video below I used as a reference. But the 3 prong side of the W-Body strut tool fits into that so you can rotate it for removal. Thanks for the help.
  3. I'm in Connecticut, but this car has been babied by the previous owner and has't seen any road salt or snow. The springs and seat are super clean. I'm going to change out the cartridge and if that doesn't help I'll move on with your advice. Thanks for the help.
  4. I was just pushing down on the body panel to make that side go up and down. I already bought the strut tool. Thanks for the help.
  5. The spring seat and insulator looks fine, but this is what it sounds like if that can help you point me towards a specific problem area. Thanks.
  6. My 1989 Regal coupe has some suspension noise while driving coming from the passenger side front end. See the video post for what the sound is. I'm new to W-Bodies and this style of front suspension with the replaceable strut cartridges. The insulator at the spring seat looks to be in good condition and from what I could see under the strut plate, everything looked okay, but this side is clearly wonky. Does this sound seem like something a new strut cartridge would fix, or do I need to replace some of the other components? Thanks
  7. Thanks. I am in the US. Connecticut to be precise. It's definitely suspension related. The guy I bought it from said he thinks it needs new struts, but at a glance everything looks sound under the top plate, but this would be my first car with replaceable cartridge style struts, so I'm not familiar with their idiosyncrasies.
  8. On any of the particular issues I should be on the look for with a 1989 Regal coupe? I owned two GM V-6s with the nylon toothed cam gear that failed on me. Do I need to worry with this engine? Are there any failing particular to this year? There's a little bit of clatter from the front passenger side, but everything up there looks good. Any advice on what to look for? Thanks Dan
  9. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm partial to A-Bodies, particularly coupes. I own two 1988 Ciera coupes but I recently picked up a 1989 Regal coupe. I hope this forum will be as useful to me as the A-Body forum is. Thanks for having me.
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