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  1. Thanks. I am in the US. Connecticut to be precise. It's definitely suspension related. The guy I bought it from said he thinks it needs new struts, but at a glance everything looks sound under the top plate, but this would be my first car with replaceable cartridge style struts, so I'm not familiar with their idiosyncrasies.
  2. On any of the particular issues I should be on the look for with a 1989 Regal coupe? I owned two GM V-6s with the nylon toothed cam gear that failed on me. Do I need to worry with this engine? Are there any failing particular to this year? There's a little bit of clatter from the front passenger side, but everything up there looks good. Any advice on what to look for? Thanks Dan
  3. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm partial to A-Bodies, particularly coupes. I own two 1988 Ciera coupes but I recently picked up a 1989 Regal coupe. I hope this forum will be as useful to me as the A-Body forum is. Thanks for having me.
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