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    No where to begin no where to end I am interested in just about everything but cars and books and movies are my favorite. Video games are in there somewhere lol
  1. So I have a 1995 gtp but the unibody is really rough I have cut out and fixed alot but it's just a matter of time I was wondering if I could use the underneath of another 94-96 gp that was clean to swap. Yes I could just swap motor but the Vin wouldn't be a gtp andymore. Can it be done?
  2. So it looks like I need to get a 98 monte 3800 na for all my parts. So if I got one with good motor Amd tranny I could use that setup in my car. And then do a top swap. Or would it be easier to just get a complete SC 3800 and then just use the 98 wires and lines and hoses? I'm gunna wrote down all the information you just gave me Amd keep searching. Thankyou very very much.
  3. Okay it's a 94 grandprix se. I have decided on the l67 without hd what parts car am I looking for. I thought a 97 to 98 gtp would work.
  4. It's a 95 or 94 grandprix se 3100. I think the l67 swap has been done before I have all winter to plan and acquire parts. More than likley wait for a good parts car. I wanna use the 4t65e tranny as well maybe hd?
  5. Okay guys I'm back I'm still keeping my gtp how it is but I'm getting a regular se this sunday. Everyone keeps telling me to L67 swap it. What will I need for that? Also could I go with the newer L32 both SC of course???
  6. Here is a few morw. I'm doing this lol so if anyone else is having some problems with this I can help and I will let u know how I do it and will upload more pictures as I progress.
  7. Been doing some work today still alot to do but I'm getting there gunna fix the biggest problems so it's safe to drive for now until I either buy another one that's clean or get a beater dd then disassemble the underneath of this car and another se coupe and cut and paste lol. What do u guys think I have more pictures but my phones memory is 2 low to upload them for some reason. I cut a good bit out and I also got my trailing are and mount bent back into place.
  8. Welcome my friend get place.
  9. Bigger rims and smallet tires keep cause then u could keep your overall size the same? But have more options
  10. I sent him a message no reply. I called the puck a part today but no one answered it was 2pm cone on ppl lol
  11. For me I love the 5th Gen regardless having a gtp one is just soooo nice. But there is another one about an hour from me I could prolly pick up for 1200 to 1500 been in the owners family for 20 yrs garage kept for the last ten. Problem is I don't have that kind of cash the guy says the underneath is spotless has some dents here and there but otherwise the whole car is clean.
  12. I couldn't cut the car to change some plugs lol and I dint see a need to it was easy to change them with the swivel
  13. Since the above photos are photo bucket aka gone here is how I did it today one long extension one short with a swivel plug socket. Pull the wires off I just helped guide them with my end came right up except the middle one. Then pit my extension and swivel socket in without the ratchet then put on the ratchet. Got them loose. Removed the ratchet again turned them out by hand and reverse for re installation I use my hand to guide the wires back in. Super easy took about 10 minutes to change all the plugs.
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